Clamps on avm

hello old friends and new ones to the avm site… i am just wondering if anyone has aver had a clamp put on their avm to stop bleeds? liam i hope you can give me some feedback on this as i truly value your opinion…

thanks in advance

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I have lots of minor clips (as other folks I imagine) to replace the missing part. There is a clip in my brain (what's left) clamped to keep the anni. stay put. My AVM is gone, so this is it.

do the clamps stay in there the rest of your life? do they set off metal detectors? what r they made of? do you know if there is different sizes? sorry for all the questions, but my daughter now has a clamp and i am a little concerned that it will harm her, if it moves are anything weird. thanks for info you have giving and the pic is great… anymore info you have would be wonderful.
thanks dianna

My anni. was clipped in 94’. It would be rough to pull that out I imagine. :slight_smile: I have no electrical problems w/ it other than I can’t have MRI’s. Just Ct scans. Records say the clip is titanium, so it may be the small clips holding the removed piece together when it was put back in. The problem now is that the calcification in that area is screwing around w/ my seizures. If you can see the tiny black spots in a circle around the arteries (darker spots) that’s calcification . If you look in the small photo w/ a circle I made, is the harder calcification. Like a rock it makes it tough to get thru it.
The big Anni. clip is a bit above the brow on the left & you’ll see the size. That’s much bigger than the tiny ones around the bone they put back in.
So the clip has not been the problem in about 13 yrs. Get a copy of the MRI’s & you’ll see the size. Keep in mind seizures rattle around causing scar tissue (calcification) worse as the time goes on. Now if my seizures had been controlled I wouldn’t be in this situation right now.

Hope that helps!

oh my yes i can see the calcification, i would have never thought this would be the problem… is there anyway to stop it ??? oh goodness you poor sole, my heart is so heavy for you. you said that if your seizures would have been controlled that you would have never been in this situation, my daughter erin, is on kepra and has been for about 6 months now, do you think that this is all she should to to control seizures? gosh you have really been through alot… how are you doing at the present time??? oh my i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers… dianna

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There’s not much I can do, other than hope the sz’rs stay away. If Keppra is keeping Erin from having any, she’s fine. I averaged 6 Sz’rs a year, (I don’t keep track of aura’s) until I was put on Keppra instead of a different one. I was fine for about 4 years before all heck broke loose. The way to stop it is to simply remove it, or keep the sz’rs @ bay. The neuro’s wanted the VNS, but had they bothered to read , it is not wise for someone who has had brain surgery, to have it. I’ve read plenty about damage caused to those who did try it.
I have always been w/ 2 drugs until the status & now on 3 & I carry valium in my pocket, although the last few times it wasn’t of much help. The last had been in Oct. when I had the thrill of being hauled to the hospital. The valium has stopped the aura’s for now. All I can do is go day by day!

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So Valium works as emergency to prevent seizures?