Hi all!

I have an avm under my clavicle and from what I’ve heard, extends into my arm. I’ve had sclerotherapy done on it twice now and am waiting to get treatment again on it. Due to the majority of the avm being under my clavicle, it’s impossible to try compression therapy on it. I was wondering if maybe it would help with some of my arm pain to try compression on just my arm? I’ve also heard that if the whole avm isn’t compressed it would create a “balloon” effect on the part that isn’t covered, which isn’t my goal. Just trying to get some ideas from those who’ve found what works for them!

Thanks (:

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Hi Aimsie!

I have a venous malformation in my right arm, so not quite an AVM, but I’ve had some luck with compression sleeves. The majority of my VM is located in my forearm, and I was prescribed an entire arm sleeve. I was pretty skeptical at first, thinking it wouldn’t help much, a but it does help a little with pain on an everyday basis.

Personally, I started with just buying one compression sleeve, because my insurance didn’t cover it. When it proved to be slightly effective, I bought a few more.

Hope that helps a little!

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