Concentration Problems?

Hi all,
I had the big AVM at the right temporal lobe, the blooding too. Now I have the problem,
if someone speaks a lot and fast, I no longer understand anything, I lose the thread completly and become anxiuos and sad. how can that be?
Is it a physical problem or an psychic?

in the morning I’m totally confused. too many thoughts mingle with each other and it takes time to come clear. today in the morning I was thinking in english, but I’m from Germany?? I’m going to be crazy?:frowning:

Lisa, I had my craniotomy done on 4/2009…Since then I have the same problem, I can’t understand people that talk to fast loud and if Im talking to my two sister or two friends of the same conversation I can’t follow the conversation… Also I have speech problems Under stress i can’ speak right and I have on mind what Im going to say but I can’t express right… I was feeling depress, stress and anxious and frustrated, I had the feeling that people feel sorry for me or where getting mad at me. Because they couldn’t understand me. Before I was going to the university and i couldn’t concentrated no more…For moments a prefer not to talk to people or to my family…My neurologist said that sometimes people needs therapy or with time…It will be better… Im doing a little bet better… I learned my friend that we have to have faith and be positive on life…Don’t feel frustrated my friend you will see everything will be better it is a journey and no you not going to get crazy!..Take care of yourself my friend

I also have these problems though my AVM is on the left side. It can be very frustrating but you are not alone. I can say that I don’t think in other languages though, but I don’t know any fluently. Now a days I have to keep a notebook to remember things and often if I don’t jot a note I don’t remember. I often ask the same questions over and over as well as having to have people slowly repeat questions or statements to me. I recently had a court deposition that was brutal. I had to stay calm and asked repeatedly to have questions repeated. Stress I think makes it worse so do your best to stay as stress free as possible. I know it is hard considering what we are dealing with.

your avm is on the left side and my on the right side. These two areas are still responsible for other functions? then it is perhaps more of a mental problem? or it depends on the medicine?

my friends know that they need to talk to me slowly, but others do not. It’s embarrassing to tell my lawyer, please speak slowly. I have previously worked with law it is no longer possible.

do you all take medicine? I need keppra and lamictal.perhaps this is the cause?

I’m happy to found you all. It helps to speek about the problems with other.

Hi all,
My 3rd bleed requiring surgery was in the L. temporal lobe & as FYI, the temporal lobes are responsible for hearing, memory, meaning, and language. They also play a role in emotion and learning. The temporal lobes are concerned with interpreting and processing auditory stimuli. @
It’s possible, Lisa that with the help of a good Speech Therapist, he or she may help provide you with ‘tools’ to help you work with your issues you’re having.
Best wishes to everyone, :slight_smile:

thank you for the information! most of the problems are hearing and understanding. I got a seizure because of loud rockmusic.I got seizure because of the loudness in a swimminghall (1 hour later). I hold the phone further away, because it’s too loud. I cannot understand all, if somebody speaks very quick or more than 1 person is talking. All is to loud and quick. I forgot the things, for example, my son yesterday told me. I use a sheet of paper every day and write down all things I have to do I forgot nothing.
Speaking is ok, but sometimes I need more time to find a special word and sometimes I don’t like to speek. It’s like an internal brake. I don’t know, how to exlain this. Sometimes, all is ok, I hear music (not loud), can understand the news in TV, reading is ok, speaking. all is ok. another day not. I don’t understand what happens in this moments I lose my thinking ability?

Sounds familiar Lisa. Patti’s post was dead on. My whole life I have had processing delays and learning issues but since my bleed I have experienced everything you describe also. I call them good days and bad days. I am on Keppra which I think does have some side effects which I think are less severe if I take it on time continually (9am and 9 pm). I am rigid about my sleep schedule and have given up alcohol completely.

what does it mean “dead on” ? I cannot translate it in german.

I don’t drink alcohol too. only 1 or 2 times a year a little glas of champagne. that’s all. everything has changed in my life.
3 days ago I forgot the medicine and take them 6 hours later:-(. normally I make it like you. 9am and 9pm. I use the alarm clock.

I wish we have only good days in future:-)