Well I went and had my mri & cta done / how the cta contrast gets you over heated..anyways.I recieved a post card that said no anyurisms or avm how can my hospital on a mri see them twice and another now doesntsee anything on a ct? why did i hear a big boom and go down once and even had a hard time waking up once and my right side was so confused..will go see the doc.on the 12th of feb and find out what the mri an mri more able to see them then a cta? i hope the ct is right but right now im so confused as to what has happened and what they didnt find which is great..but i guess will know on the 12th,,anyone have any opinions?

That is very perplexing, shania, particularly since you mentioned on your profile that there were three separate locations where avm was suspected. I suggest you get copies of the CTA and send them to several doctors for opinions. A CTA gives a better reading than an MRI for this, but in either case a human still has to view the scans and make a judgment. Getting more opinions will help you determine what the real situation is.

There is also the possibility that two patients' results were mixed up, and that another patient somewhere is being told they have your avms? Hospital errors of this kind happen all the time...

well i never had a ct for them before it was always a mri with hometown hsp..saw them twice and reported it on the mri report and then i had one in another town and they didnt see anything on the mri, only a white spot .this is why i went to this other neroligis to fihure out whats up.And the ct with contrast states nothing found ,,no anyurism no avm..but i have yet to kno what the mri report states yet.i had that done with contrast too...but really weird when on my old mri you can see the one on my pons and clear as day,,like i said im confused..maybe i had a healing from jesus,,im happy they didnt see anything on the ct,,not like i want them too,,,just hate having so many conflicting reports. this is my thrid one,,,im anout so done with it.I just dont want one and they dont see it and i get a brain burst while im driving with me granddaughter,i guess i should see mt cts and ask questions on he 12th and see what the mri says too. thanks for the help .

Hi Shania,

I don't get it either. Even when my avm measured 5 cm, it never showed up on a ct scan. Now that I have two left at 1/2" each, they still don't show up but, they show up on the MRIs. Someone told me once that the ct scans only show blood in an area where it doesn't belong - a bleed. It doesn't make any sense but, I had the same experience.

Because of this - I don't put any stock in ct scans.


i went and got a copie of my ct and it stating i have a 14-15 mm calisfication,,what the heck,,,i cant wait to see the mri.thanks for your in i am going to go look up calsification in the brain and figure out what that is and means...let you all know soon after teh 12th and find out whats up.god bless you all♥

Hello Shania. Both my CT Scan & MRI/MRA found my brain AVM. However, the best test is to have an angiogram where the full brain can be seen. It would be great for you if your Dr. would organise one for you. They are called the "Gold Standard" for AVM's. Good luck!

Lesley doesnt that hurt and you have to be awake? is that not like what they do when you have a stroke and they go up while your awake to get rid of it?

Shania, just a tiny bit initially but they give you some drugs so you feel ok. Yes, you stay awake but it can be quite interesting and you will know for sure exactly what is in there. You have to stay lying on your back afterwards for a few hours and take it easy for a couple of days but it truly is worth it. I have had quite a few without any problems at all. I know nothing about strokes as, thank heavens, I've never had one. Just have a think about it & ask your Doctor if you want to.

I think that if the doctor says to do one thay will tellm e,I dont think if they say they dont se one that its not medically needed and then my insuance wont pay out for it ..i dont know till the 12th..hope there isnt any avms and my hspt was wrong in seeing them.But i did read that avms can turn into calsification...and if thats the case or not calsification can be a problem too..thanks for answering me back:)