Could my other child have an avm too?

Hello guys … I’ve been away from here for along time and thankfully my son is doing great after his avm … But all the sudden i started to wonder can my other child have it too i mean i know most of the avm are not inheritable only a small amount of them … But the thing is that none of my family had AVM as a matter a fact none of my family or my wife’s family ever heard of it before my son had it on 2019 so any chance that my other child would have it too ? Should i get her tested including us ( me and my wife ) or since there is no medical records of our families about it i have to just let it go ? Cuz even my doctor told me that no need to do the hht test since you have zero family history of it.

Cuz the past two years were living hell for us and i dont want to bring the tension again to my wife and any of my children since they no nothing when it comes to Avms.

Edit : my mom and 2 sisters and 1 nephew girl have Varicose veins aka spider veins … Is this related to the hht or not ?

Really would appreciate you opinions.

Thank you in advance.

I can only pass along what I learned when I had a similar question when Mine was discovered. I wondered if the AVM was genetic, and if so the possibility of my children inheriting the genes from me. The long and the short of it was that, while there are few absolutes, AVMs are not believed to be genetically connected. While no certainties, I was told the odds of my children having an AVM was similar to that of anyone else in absence of this genetic connection. Now with that being said, HHT is a genetic disorder, which results in AVM formations. In my case, I do not have HHT, so thus the odds for my children being low. I am not a Dr. or a geneticist so I am passing along info that I learned from some medical people and some research. If doubts exist< I would certainly follow up with the medical folks. Take Care, John.

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According to my neurosurgical team, it’s a 50/50

That’s verbatim from both of my neurosurgeons

I do think that you didn’t understand my question cuz your answer would fit if my question was (( i do have hht can my children have it too )).

My actual question is since we dont have any family history of hht and my son did had an avm can my other daughter have it too ? Should i be concerned and do the hht test ?

Thank you.

Edit : i did mention this to our surgeon 2 years ago and he said no need just move on… but all the sudden i started to think about it again.

my mom and 2 sisters and 1 nephew girl have Varicose veins aka spider veins … Is this related to the hht or not ?


As the guys have said, AVMs in themselves, are not hereditary. However, HHT is an hereditary condition which carries multiple AVMs as a symptom.

Usually, I believe, HHT is diagnosed because of certain symptoms and a family history of bleeds of one kind or another is one of the signs that doctors would look for that would indicate that it is worth doing an HHT genetic test. Since you don’t have that clear history already, it is less likely to be a test that brings back a positive result.

The other thing that I find from reading about HHT here is that it is most often associated with multiple AVMs (and often enough in places other than the brain, too) so if your doctors have looked at your son and seen just one brain AVM, again, it seems most likely that you shouldn’t worry about HHT.

However, if you’re ever concerned, I’m sure the only real way to know would be to get a test. How conclusive those tests are, I don’t know. Meanwhile, I think it is more likely that your son’s AVM is a congenital development that just he has.

Hope this helps,


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I think there could be a link but varicose veins etc is a very common phenomenon and very unlikely to often indicate HHT.

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Although I’m not a medic and therefore can’t rule our any link, I do know that a lot of people get varicose veins. Yet AVMs are still rare. So I’m not sure the two conditions can be that related. As others have said some AVMs can be hereditary. But in most cases they aren’t and it was just down to nature. Is there perhaps a reason for suspecting your second child might have AVM? If not I’d maybe try not to assume the worst.

Lulu x

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Thanks all for the reply… I guess then there is no need to be worried … I have enough problems to be worried about … Hugs

I think that’s a good way to look at it!