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Hello all my name is ram and I’m from india, so my story started in this way that in may 2021 I got tested positive for covid later after my recovery from covid I found out that my left arm and hand are weak, so till then I was having no idea why this was happening later I went near my doctor he suggested me to do brain MRI so later he found out that I have an AVM in my brain so there’s a weaknes in my left side later I have done celebral angiogram it came out I have grade 4 AVM and there’s a risk for surgery so he said to wait till 6 months, because this AVM got activated due to covid and after all the dead virus of covid comes out and if I bcome healthy in 6 months then AVM can get small again
So my question is that does really AVM which is activated due to covid bcome small again after I bcome healthy is there any chances for that as my doctor suggested, please if any one have any suggestions or advice to this share with me

Hi Rams. Sorry for the problems you are having! I would check with your doctor because I definitely recommend getting it dealt with. Blessings as you continue!

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Hello random thanks for your concern my doctor suggested me to wait till jna 2022 and do an another mri so that we can know the status of the avm and he was 70% sure that it might get small in size as covid infection go out of my system

I think the trouble is that covid is a brand new thing, so I’d say none of us have any experience of how it might interfere with a brain AVM.

The only thing I’m aware of is that when covid was first becoming prevalent, there was some indication that it is more concerning for people with certain brain conditions. I think I remember cerebral palsy being on that list, so if your AVM has caused similar issues to cerebral palsy, it may be that which the doctor is conscious of.

I’ll try to find the article I read just over a year ago.

The article I remember is here: Coronavirus/Covid-19 Discussion - #21 by DickD

May want to give a read an article released in Neurology journal last week called:
COVID-19 and Vaccination in the Setting of Neurologic Disease: An Emerging Issue in Neurology.

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Hi @Rams

I’m sorry to hear about your AVM and to have COVID also just makes it so much more stressful… Please note that an AVM is generally there from birth and sometimes different scenarios like a fall or odd headache are what cause us to find them, sometimes by accident… From my understanding the AVM would of been there the whole time and whether COVID has caused issues or it is coincidental is beyond anyones knowledge due to how new this COVID thing is.

I would definately take the doctors advice and tackle this issue once you are better… sending prayers your way my friend… God bless!

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Hi @Rams , did your AVM really get smaller after Covid recovery? I’ve had Covid twice in the past 3 months and one of the many medical problems I developed seems to be an enlargement of my partially treated AVM. Still waiting for the CT imaging but symptoms suggest this. I was put on a list for AVM embo but wonder if it’s truly likely to shrink. I frankly doubt it. From my readings, covid has caused bleeding in the brain for some people with brain AVMs. My AVM is pelvic so very rare and hard to find any literature on this.