Cracking sound in head - years after AVM removal?

2.5 years ago my husband had a crainiotomy to remove his small AVM (left temporal lobe). He has had very little side effects but lately has been complaining of a “cracking sound” in his head right by the incison site. He had this same thing after surgery and was told this was normal healing but apparently it has never gone away completely. He now says it is more frequent. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this after so long after surgery? He no longer has a doctor as he no longer has medical insurance, so getting an MRI (last one 2 years ago was fine) is not something he wants to do if he can help it. Any similiar experiences?

Hello Kat .
My experience with cracking noises is limited and we are all so different I don’t know ifthis is helpful info for anyone . I was told that the issues can be structural and/or architectural . As bone is quite strong it takes a great deal of force ( pressure ) to remove it . The pressure applied is distributed to various point and in the healing process there is a time of reconnection , knitting back together , etc . There is also limited movement of bone and the fact that many patients become jaw and neck clenchers and teeth grinders afterward contributes to some allignment problems .
Does he clench his jaw , grind his teeth or keep his neck overly taught ? Have his teeth shifted since his surgery ? Not saying these are reasons for the sound only that when the structure is shifted the architecture changes and issues can arise . Might be worth a conversation with his prior medical team and may not require a ct scan or mri . It is very difficult with no insurance yet it is an issue that must be dealt with , yes ?
Be good to you . Take care of you .

Did he have titanium pins/disks used to hold the bone flap in place after his surgery? I had three pins and a disk used after my surgery and started hearding odd clicking noises not too long afterward. I spoke with the neurosurgeon afterward and he said that sometimes the pins become a bit loose and can create noise from rubbing against the bone, but this usually stops after time due to the pin becoming fused in place by bone growth. There was a period of time that I could hear the noise while walking, and for a short while I was even able to press on an area along my scar and feel the metal pin and it would make a noise loud enough that people around me could hear it. Fortunately, I do not hear these sounds anymore, but it took a few years to completelt cease.

Thanks for the responses. Yes, he has the pins/disk and that was we are guessing is what he is hearing. He hears it while walking…again thanks.