Cute caps & scarves

After my craniotomy this summer, I ordered a scarf & a cap from a company that makes headcoverings designed for ladies who’ve lost their hair due to chemo & radiation.

Their website is:

I was uncomfortable having my scar showing & didn’t want to get the freshly shaved skin & new scar tissue sunburned, so I spent July through mid-September wearing some sort of headcovering. When school started back in August, people who didn’t know about my surgery just thought my scarves & cap were a fashion statement. One of the kids didn’t recognize me at first on a day I didn’t wear one.

Thanks for sharing this. It seems that pre-surgery there is a lot of concern about hair and what’s going to happen to it which is completely understandable. Wow that was one long ponytail you had. Must have taken a lot to cut it. Glad you’re with us and let us know how it goes in December! Wishing you the best. :slight_smile:

Suzy–this wasn’t my first major haircut. This will be my 3rd donation to Locks of Love. My last donation was in January or February of 2008. It does take me a while to work up to actually deciding to cut it off,though.