Cyber Knife vs. Gamma Knife

In a few weeks, I will be going for my 2nd embolization. After that, it will be Stereotactic Radio Surgery (SRS). I understand that Cyber Knife and Gamma Knife are available technologies. GK is older but proven, CK is newer and more convenient (less invasive) but possibly less accurate and more stray radiation. Searched web for comparison but most reports are biased - centers favor the technology that they already have! Would like to get the feedback from the members that have gone through either type of treatment.

I had cyber knife treatment last October and it went really well for me. My AVM is not gone yet, but it is shutting down according to my last MRI. For me the fact that it is less invasive was very important, especially due to some claustrophobia issues I have. Of course, I’m sure GK is great for some people. I’m glad I had the CK option because it felt right to me.