DAVF Treated with stereotactic radio surgery

My DAVF is left side of my head, the doc says the treatment will cause an area
of hair loss, has anyone experienced hair loss, did it grow back?

Mark I had an embolization 3 weeks ago for a fistula and i am loosing hair.How was the experience for you?

ive had 2 doses of radiosurgery, my AVM from the left side, and i had no side effects like that at all......

I also have experienced hair loss the stereotactic radiation. My avm is on the left side of my brain just above my motor skill strip. I lost hair where the radiation went in and four other places, And also on the left side of my head my hair thinned out really bad. The bald spots have grown back in but they are still very short. And my hair is still thin.

Hi I am weighing whether to go for angiogram with embolization or wait. Does anyone know of any side effects?


I had Cyber knife radiosurgery and did not have any hair loss..

Hello Mark
I had DAVF on my left side behind my ear. I had emblosim for treatment and I did loose my hair but it did grow back and I still have the feeling that I need to itch my head where I lost my hair. I also take Turmeric which is supposed to help with hair growth.

Did you have the treatment?