DAVF treatment in Mayo Clinic Jacksonville

I was diagnosed with DAVF and need to get treated. Does someone have exprience with Jacksonville Mayo Clinic Neurosurgery?


I’m pretty sure Mayo is well known and successful for South East US members of our community. Search “mayo” using the grey magnifying glass and I’m sure you’ll see lots of responses.

On the other hand, I can also see lots of results for Mayo in Minnesota, so I may be thinking more of that Mayo.


Hi Rick

I was diagnosed with a type III or IV DAVF and therefore would like to avoid multiple procedures as much as possible.

I sent my docs to Mayo Rochester, Jacksonville and John Hopkins and waiting to hear back from all three.
There are few practicing neurosurgeon at John Hopkins. Would appreciate any recommendations.



I had a DAVF Grade IV. I see Dr Ho in Gainesville,Fl. If you would like to talk Private Message me.