December 11 - New Member Introductions

Hi everyone, welcome to another AVM support group introduction! I hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing weekend. I was rather busy with my head stuck in textbooks and notes studying for my university finals!

Over the short while that I have been a Ben’s Friends Intern, I have observed how this community is like a second family for many. The care and empathy that everyone pours into supporting each other is truly amazing!

We have had several new members join our community over the past two weeks, many of whom are patients and a few are caregivers @Syag72 @sunny1 @AJMom @silverwolf @Single40momnewavmdx @Jaxmendy @Lorinda @Peachyfelly @StephenM @Pittypat @kingcyrus23 @bettybo. A few have already been very active in the community and I am really happy to see that. You will find that this is a safe and supportive place where you can unload your burden and find help!

Please introduce yourselves, ask questions, or share your stories. The more we can support each other, the stronger we become as a group.

Have a great week everyone!