Decided to be a "Guide Dog Puppy Walker" volunteer

Well as I am now “cured” of my AVM (apart from the epilepsy, headaches, and everything else that goes with it!) I was a bit bored as I have retired though ill health, so I heard about Guide dog Puppy Walking, our 1st puppy “Sylvia” arrived when she was only 6 weeks old and is now 6 months and has grown 3 time the size.
When I have more time I will post some photos and news as I have a dog wanting her dinner and walk.

How exciting and wonderful! These dogs are very special! I cannot wait to see some more pics!

I never heard of this before but, then again…I do live in a small town. How does that work? Do you raise them to a certain age and then they are trained to be guide dogs? I’m anxiouse to see more pics too.

The Puppy Walking idea came after meeting somebody from guide dogs fund raising in our shopping centre.
I always said I would not have another dog after the grief of our last dog’s illness and having to be put to sleep when she was only 9 years old.
With Puppy Walking we have the dog at 6 weeks till she is 12 to 14 months, then she will go into proper training for another year then she will be placed with a blind person until she retires at 9 or 10. We have to get her used to bus, train and car travel, walking around shops etc.
As for cost, all food and vet bills are paid by Guide Dogs so we do not have any expense, we do have to promise to give her back but we know it will be hard, this is what most people ask, the answer is to have another puppy straight away and start all the toilet training again! We will have to see what happens around October time?
If anyone wants to know more google Guide Dogs UK.
I will post some photos of her and keep you all informed of our progress, good or bad.

Thank you kevin for explaining that to me. I think that would be an enjoyable thing to do and very admirable as well (I'm a dog lover myself). The few guide dogs that I've seen in my area, they seem to be happy at what they do. I know for certain there owners really love them....That's what I would have to keep reminding myself if I were to raise them through the puppy stage.

I'm sorry to hear about your last dog that you had. That's always a hard to desicion to make but, I feel it's better to do that, then to let them continue suffering.

I was sent a ling to this blog by a kind woman in this group. I am a member also. Had an AVM bleed and surgery when I was 8 in 1959. I have homonymous hemianopia to the left, have memory loss as to the disability, forget to look left a lot, and have been advised to see how a guide dog would be. I live alone in FL, and as the process goes forward, I find myself liking the idea more and more. I love dogs, but only had one because my brother begged me to take her. Lupe a dalmation, seriously wonderful and loving, but not too smart. I did not care. She was my family when my son left for college. I have been a widow since 1997. Anyway, wish me luck. And bless you for doing what you do to help others do better. It cannot be easy giving up what you have loved and have taken care of for the time you do with the puppy.