Denial is Not a river in Egypt

I can’t deny it any longer, hence the joke! I am depressed! Well why not?

  1. had an AVM while pregnant
  2. imfant son is special needs, beavtuful but has hydracephalus = leave it to me to keep a herd of neurosurgeons in business! Hydracepheus while not a result of myAVM rupture is a Y chromosome genetic trait
  3. My husband of 15 years,date f 20+ years --we were monogomus 5 yrars before we married Divorced me last month! There was somryhing about “sickness and in health” and better or worse… However here I am moved back home with parents and the 4 of our 5 kids he didn’t want! Thats all good I would have taken all 6! Too bad for my parent’s retirement!
  4. Did I mention my stroke left my entre lrft side paralyzed! Sorry Pity party, table for 1

Please remember Nicole…we are here for you! Keep the Faith!

“Herd of neurosurgeons” will keep me smiling for a while… :slight_smile:

You’re handling a lot and coping well enough to have a sense of humor about it all…my hat is off to you!

Can’t you just see a herd of Neurosurgeons clapping down the halls in their wingtips and white lab coats! How could I for get the pinstripe oxfords and paisley neck-ties not to mention sports cars and fat walletts! Sorry excercising my left brain!