Denise's surgery

her surgery went great. these docors are truly amazing. shes in a tremendous amount of pain, but her nurses are doing a great job to try to keep her comfortable. the drain out of her head got clogged last night so they took it out, and so far shes doing ok without it. they did another angio this morning to make sure they got it all and the results will come later. shes a firecracker and the strongest person i know, so im confident she’ll fight her way back to family and friends. thank you to all on this site for caring and praying for her. i cant wait til she can meet all of you. god bless you all.

She has made it thru this hardest part. Hopefully she will only get better and better. Remember she can probably understand and hear all that is around her and feel the mood in the room so stay positive and surround her with all that love and keep talking to her!! I am thinking of you and of her.

It will be tough for a couple of weeks. Then, things will begin to heal and the long road back will begin. Prepare for a lot of work so you’re ready. Congratulations on making it this far.

that is great to hear. i am happy everything went well and wish her a fast recovery. hopefully they got it all.

I’m glad to hear that Denise is doing well! I’m praying for you and Denise!

such great news charlie…things can only get better from now on in…you are both still in my prayers…sending denise lots of healing energy…stay strong

great news now recovery time which can get bumpy, stay strong, and god bless

So glad to hear that things went well. The coming weeks will be challenging but if she’s the firecracker you say she is, she will do great! I’ll keep you both in my thoughts. Tell her she has a new family to meet when she’s able!