Did your neurosurgeon have you come back often after surgery

after my wifes removal of avm ,we saw the surgeon only twice, my wife suffers from severe depression,the first visit my wife really broke down, the surgeon freaked out and asked me for help, the second visit i told wife when the surgeon came in too grab him and tell him she loved him, that freaked him out again, her primary care dr got the surgeon released her too his care ,which was a major effect too the good for her
the surgeon schedule her too return for follow up angio a year later coming up in dec
2009, having her primary dr looking after her progress i think was best for her, actually i
believe the surgeons only care is the surgery its self, just wanted too see how other members were treated after surgery, i guess not have too see the nero for a year means she is doing well

We’ve seen neurosurgeons who had the bedside manner of a nerd, and we’ve seen some some very caring, considerate ones.

The surgeon is like the last link in the process. Any followup should be able to be done via her local neurologist or a neuro working with the surgeon. Any issues to show up should first be noted via the neurologist. They should be able to consult without you being present.

AVMs/Surgery are stressful enough, and can lead to or aggravate depression. No need to make it worse with a Dr/Patient relationship that is stressful.

We had good results when neurologist shopping by saying “We are working with DR XXXXXX, and we consider him to be the primary DR in our journey. Are you willing to accept that and to work with DR XXXXXXX to assure that I get the best care both locally and at the surgery center?”

Our surgeon being on the west coast and us in KS made it imperative to have a local neuro–we didn’t want to travel that much for routine appts.

ron, ks

thanks ron
our surgeon was in our home town, he was up front on everything during her stay in hospital,
i guess i thought it was strange that we dont see him for a year, but like i said that must mean she is doing well, he just couldnt handle the emotional part of my wifes depression, actually he told us he has problem with depression himself

Back in 03’ underwent surgery for a anuerysm, new procedure, 6 yrs. I had many questions regarding my mental progresstion, the main sergerent and 4-5 of his asstences would not, could not give me answers to my many questions. Basically all they wanted to know if that new procedure woulkd work, so far it worked. So I can relate to your sitution. I made contact with TBI, they supplied me with reseach done on problems/issues after surgery, still after 6 yrs. I’m trying to fiqure out my problem with Executive Function, any ideas out there relating to this? Theres alot of info. avaiable to deal w/ emotional problems such as Bipolar, thank God I worked that problem out, without drugs. Wish you luck, search out there, ask questions, research natural means to fix problems.