If there are any, what kinds of foods help to reduce some of the head pains? I’ve been working on reducing my salt intake as well as avoiding other foods such as sweets. Overall I find I do eat pretty healthy. Have any of you found altering your diet beneficial?

I used for so many years “ketotonic diet”, now my daughter is trying to introduce me into veggie and organic food, less animal products best. But I love meat and I feel I need it. Anyways the only thing helps me against head pain is sleep a lot and when I said a lot is about 12 o more hours a day and when I feel good i am so active for 24 hours or more doing something good (or bad).

Gatorade sometimes helps my daughter's headaches.

I know this might seem like a promo for nonfat greek yougart … it actually is a good over-all food that helps stop the cravings for sweets too!

I have been following “eat right 4 your blood type” for the past 2 months. Fewer headaches, lost 14 pounds, and the science makes complete sense to me. I am 1 week post Gamma and my biggest concern is infamation
This diet is helping me feel proactive.

April, I haven’t tried it yet … I just ordered the DVD’s and balls online, but a therapist recommended “yamuna body rolling”.

I was and am so depressed because I can’t do cardio like I used to, I have headaches and nausea after weeding the garden for goodness sakes! But I am very excited about body rolling … you can check it out on YouTube and see if it might be something that works for you.