Disability in Florida

I am wondering if there is any chance of getting disability if you have never had a rupture or bleed. My son has many symptoms and does not feel he is able to work. His neurologist said he would have to have more than four seizures a week to get on disability. Any thoughts or information on this would be appreciated.

I live in Florida and I had 2 neurologists say I can’t work, but disability still sent me to their own doctor for a third opinion; and I had an AVM rupture and two strokes and it was still difficult to get disability.

I live in Florida. I had a brain AVM in my ocipetal lobe treated by gamma knife. Since then i have been on medical leave and now receive social security after a long ordeal. Allsup was the company that helped me through it. I was diagnosed with chronic vertigo of central origin I am also having issues with vision in my right eye. Neurologists do not know whether it was caused by the radiation or the anti seizure medications I was given. I sympathize with your son. Everyone tells me I look great, but damaged nerves in the brain are not visible. Best wishes. John

I just heard that I have a small unruptured avm I’m wondering if I can go without intervention and only medical management and observation? I’m a 40 year old single mom in florida no insurance and just got my hours cut at work don’t know how I’m going to keep a roof over our heads

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