Dizziness with loss of balance

I was diagnosed with an AVM about 15 years ago ---- my symptoms were horrible headaches --- my doctor prescribed Nortriptyline which I have been taking since then.

Lately, I am experiencing horrible headaches that last from 3-5 days, occuring about every four weeks. Before the onset of my last episode I experience the following: I was sitting on my front step and when I tried to get up, I got extremely dizzy and fell down. Have any of you had the same experience? This has never happened before --- within 24 hours, I had a horrible headache. It was such a scarry feeling for I had no control over my balance. Would appreciate if any of you have had the same experience.

Back in 03’, Passedout 2 times, the 3rd one was the worst, didn’t wake for 4 wks. Luckly I surviveved, relearned everyting except body balance, the wierd thing, didn’t have headaches. After all this horrible experiene, overall health went down hill, frist, it took about 4 mos. to detox my system from the tons of medication they put me on, second, took noting but natural herbs, feel great now, except the balance(lack of ).
Theres tons of health info. out there, do research to combat your terrible headaches, Hope for the best and good luck.

Hi Helen,

Have you called the doctor? He/she should want to see you for headaches that last as long as yours.

The dizziness might not be connected to the headaches. You mentioned that it happened while you were standing up from sitting on the steps, and blood pressure does drop when people stand up. For some people, it drops low enough to cause sudden dizziness, vision problems, etc. It puts you at risk of falling, especially if you already have balance problems from your AVM, so this is also something I think your doctor would want to know about.

I hope you can find some relief!