Hello, my name is Ashley and my mother suffered from an AVM bleed on June 26th of this year. The surgery was a success and I am happy to say that my mom has no deficits. The only thing that is slowing down her recovery process is the dizziness. She has tried so many medications for dizziness and none seem to help. Her neurosurgeon reiterates to us that the dizziness will go away in due time. But, my mother has had the dizzines for 3 MONTHS !!! She is currently taking Meclizine, but that doesn’t help at all. Does any have any suggestions as to how to alleviate this problem???

Hi Ashley. Has your mom ruled out other issues that would not be related to her AVM? Inner ear, sinus, etc? Is she on any anti-siezure meds? If so, maybe she should try a different dose and/or different med? My daughter is on Keppra and has no dizziness with that.

I hope your mom starts to get relief from this soon!

How’s her blood pressure? Too high or too low can cause dizziness, too.

Hi Nea’s mom, she recently went to an ear, nose, and throat doctor and he concluded that she has vestibular neuritis. That may explain the dizziness. She is not on anti-seizure medication.

Hello Ashley .
Dizziness is no fun . It has been such a short time since her surgery it may well simply sort itself out . She consulted with ENT that is good . Did the ENT have any other suggestions as far as walking , exercise and breathing techniques ? Sounds silly but is sometimes very beneficial when everything is still a bit off-center .
Did your Mom have her blood pressure and hormones checked ? Lots of subtle and not so subtle changes can occur after brain surgery . There is always the old standard peppermint oil , serious it is pleasing to the brain and a couple sniffs usually get a smile if not a cure .
I hope this issue resolves as quickly as possible . You’re an excellent daughter to be searching answers for your Mom ! Be good to you . Take care of you .
You are all in my prayers .