Do you forget?

I hate this feeling of panic trying to remember if I had my meds already… or wondering if I am taking it twice.
Sometimes I just skip it…nahh…just one time anyway…I’m sure I’ll be fine anyway…then I find myself seeing more dots… at my screen. I get more dizzy or izit just my head playing wit me… after all its just 100gm of anti-seizures meds.(phenytoin)
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Dear Rhoda,

I take phenytoin myself. For years I had the same worries as you about missing doses. I don’t think that I missed a dose for the first two years. however, in college, I read about how phenytoin actually works. when you are started on phenytoin, it begins to build up within your body and is stored in your adipose tissue (fat). Thereafter, it is released into your body in steady amounts.

therefore, if you miss one dose here and there, it is unlikely to have a dramatic effect, as the phenytoin preventing your seizures on the day you missed the dose is probably the phenytoin you took a few days previously, if you catch my drift. As long as you take your next dose as scheduled, you will probably be ok.

Saying that, you are on 100mg of phenytoin. Is that a daily dose or is it 100mg three times a day? The usual dose for an average adult male/female is 100mg three times per day, increased or decreased depending on your weight (principally) and whether you are taking any other meds etc.

The most important thing is to get your doctor to do “phenytoin levels” in a blood test every few months and after any change in your dose, as phenytoin is a notoriously unpredictable drug, and a small change in dosage can lead to large change in blood phenytoin levels, and you cant tell which people will get the unpredictable blood levels.

By the way, I agree with Liam. The tablet box is a great idea. everyone should have one.

Take care,


I have other meds I take for another condition, so I find it helpful to have a pill box. If its empty I took it if not then I need to.

Yeah Rhoda
Get a pill box to help and fill out weeks supply thank sound goo idea.

I have a pill box for just this reason too…I have forgotten to take my meds, and even took them twice because I’d forgotten that I’d already taken them!

ya…tats a good idea. me mom and i are going to get those med box…wit more compartments…thanks Liam. I take other supplements as well like vit C and multi Vit.

Sometimes when I feel a little crazy…i wonder if i took twice…but its just 100mg… lol blame avm

that is such an inside on phenytoin… thanks. :slight_smile:

i didn’t know theres a ‘phenytoin level blood test’ my doc don’t wan to meet me anymore till dec…lol. im doing 3x a day. I wake up so late i end up taking 2x now. I actually reduce my own doses without consultation.

am gaining massive stone weight. a plate of cheese spaghetti or pizza does wonders…

‘it is released into your body in steady amounts.’? that doesnt sound too great… lol

ya everyones right everyone should have one med box :slight_smile: tx