Do you remember?

Hello everyone, This question is for the survivors, How much do you remember of the details from the time of the hemorrage or stroke?

Although I sometimes wish I could forget, I remember every minute detail very clearly and frequently replay them in my head.

Thanks for your reply, I was hoping everything would be at least, a blur. How do you deal with it?Do you have any suggestions in helping someone cope.

I remember everything, I did not pass out.
I cope by doing research and deciding along with doctors how to handle my case.
If I passed out and I didn’t remember anything, the doctors would have done what ever they wanted to do.


I remember everything from my hemorrhage/stroke. And to be honest my story wasn’t as horrible as most to begin with. I had a horrible headache…nausea…vomiting and a little confusion and a little trouble with my balance. But my biggest problem was after the surgery, because I forgot everything and EVERYONE! It was so hard on my family and me…but they were great and worked with me to remember things and within a few months I was comfortable with them and slowly started working on new memories and old friends and family would just tell me stories of things memorable hoping with would spark…most of the time it didnt but it was great seeing how much they wanted me to remember THEM!

Unfortunately, I remember every darn minute of the whole ordeal. It was a LOOOOONG, drawn-out process… about 6 years worth between the time I started having headaches that the time I “recovered” from my surgery.

Well Mariijo I don’t remember much… I was having extreme dizziness and severe headaches about a year before the surgery and I kept going back and forth to the ER, ENT, and the PcP and between them I was finally checked out in my head and rush me to have the surgery to have my anuerysms clipped, I was in the hosp for about a week and a half, but I only remember 3 days. My family filled me in on the rest and I have 2 pictures to remind me. I was out of it for about 5 years trying to figure out the new me. I wasn’t offered therapy for some reason so between my family and me I had to rehabilitate myself. (bummer) I still don’t remember worth 2 cents now though… I remember well what happened before the surgery, but I can’t remember a lot of what happened earlier today.(another bummber) That’s life for me now. My kids thought that I might forget them, but I didn’t and I’m glad, because they were so young.

I don’t remember much… but some things I remember in detail… some just gets back to me somtimes later… some sometimes later… i just forgot about … until i reread what i wrote down …

I remember everything too. Like it was this morning. Woke with a unbelievable headache. Remembered how it was so exact and that I could pinpoint the pain. Remember feeling nauseous and getting up to go to the bathroom. I collapsed - why was I on the floor? Why didn’t my left side work?? Why cant I yell out for help? So tired. Mums here (she heard my fall). She carries me to the bathroom, then back to her bed. Head hurts. Im so tired, but scared to go to sleep…gone… a week later I wake up…

I recall everything about the stroke like it was yesterday. But things before that are a total blur.

thanks everyone for your responses!! How long has it been since your surgery or hemorrage? my nephew went for his one year check-up and there is no indication the AVM is growing back!!!

Like most everyone else I to remember most all of the details. Right up until the passing out and going into coma. Came to about 8 days later. I feel it’s healthy to remember what happens for it keeps us closer to what could have been.I’m sure we all have wondered why we may have been spared? Why are we here?
I firmly believe it’s to give hope and encouragement to those that had no one to say what to expect next.
It’s rough but compared to many we are all very fortunate. Our problem can be delt with with surgery not chemo or some other garbage, and life goes on. Each day I’m grateful to not be pushing up daisy’s and get the opportunity to share with others and watch grand kids grow up.
God is so good to have allowed us to continue and make an everlasting mark on life.

It will be 10 years this April 13 for me.

Marijo Fasano said:

thanks everyone for your responses!! How long has it been since your surgery or hemorrage? my nephew went for his one year check-up and there is no indication the AVM is growing back!!!

i went to the hospital on the 20th of february i had the bleed on the 21st after then i remember somewhere around the end of april of the same year better on may even better on june and etc

My crani was when I was 11, my embos and radiosurgery was at age 27. I am 28 now.

Marijo Fasano said:

thanks everyone for your responses!! How long has it been since your surgery or hemorrage? my nephew went for his one year check-up and there is no indication the AVM is growing back!!!


I still vividly remember everything after 5 years. I thought the time it happened, Ill have memory lapses but Thanked God, I still have save it on my memory bank :p.
This experience has brought lots of memories, mostly good, even the day of the surgery, my first walk, families and friends who were at my side during this ordeal. 'Twas such a great journey. Most of all it made me a better/stronger person.

To God be the glory.!

hello marjo… i remember the time i passed out yet i couldn’t vividly remember what happened next when i was rushed to the hospital. my mother said i was in a coma 24 hrs. after i passed out inside a local department store’s grocery department.
some say i was the only patient among the 10 cubicles inside the intensive care unit in the hospital who was very noisy, inquisitive, and even annoying… hehehe… they even asked where i studied for i was communicating to everyone in English, which is uncommon for the locals because the usual lannguages used here are the local dialect and our national language.

one vivid chat i had with a friend when she visited me was that she told me one of the most unforgettable i heard when i complained of the pain. she said " think of happy thoughts, jen", which i replied with " how can i think of happy thoughts when my head is throbbing with pain?".

there are memories i remember through conversation yet i could’nt clearly picture them out for my eyes were very sensitive to light at that time in the hospital…

Everything, were i was who was there how sick i was, everything, not nice.

I remember every detail like it was yesterday and it has been almost 11 years. I wish sometimes I could forget but that obviously isn’t going to happen. When I tell someone about what happened, it seems like a long drawn out story but that is because it is still so in the moment for me. I feel like a reporter in the middle of the big story because all of the details are still so very vivid.