Does anybody know how to appeal an insurance decision?

I have medicare and was turned down for a bioness unit (it shocks muscles in the leg to help walk). They said if I had a spinal cord injury they would pay for it but not for brain problems. Has anybody ever had to appeal a medicare desision before?

Is there something your drs. can put into writing to help validate to medicare???

He wrote a prescription.

It's all about how the doctor words it. I ran into that early on with some assistance devices.

We appealed multiple times for a Bioness unit to our insurance after many many scripts from many many doctors and letters of support for it effectiveness and lost every time. Like you there answer was it is considered experimental for any other condition except for a spinal injury. We even provided documented proof of neuro-stim effectiveness in post stroke treatment and their answer was "not with the bioness unit" UGH we could not afford even the "used" ones, or the finance programs so we gave up. I was sad to see they have now added a thigh stim unit to work with the heel switch to help whole leg coordination of movement-not just drop foot-which is ultimately what my daughter needed. :( All that said I would appeal appeal appeal sometimes you get lucky and if nothing else it drives someone crazy in the insurance company-which they routinely do to us so it seems fair! Good Luck I hope you get one covered they are great units!!!

Hi Jason. We all know insurance companies and medicare can be a pain sometimes. My fondest memory was being told by my insurance rep that they would not pay for a shower chair because bathing was considered a luxury! Which is probably why she smelled so bad…LOL!