Does anyone know anything about Cross Nerve Surgery

Hi Everyone,

On July 16, I am undergoing cross-nerve graft surgery. I understand this involves taking a nerve from one of my legs and grafting it into the nerves on the left side of my face, where my muscles were paralyzed after the stroke I had in April, '08. 75% of the time, the graft takes (and I will have some animation to that side of my face hopefully) so I’m going to try the surgery.

Has anyone had this done before?

Does anyone know how long this usually takes? (The surgeon said it was a two step process and took 1-3 days) or how long it feels to feel the same as I did before the operation?

Thanks for any input.

That sounds really great but I have never heard of it. Best of luck with the results.

Thanks Joy. Yes, I feel lucky, the Boston area seems to have sone great doctors and hospitals. I’m glad I live here.

I think the situation your son is going through sounds similar to my story. I was twenty when I had a seizure and they discovered the AVM. The radiation treatment at the time (26 years ago) didn’t work, but your son’s probably will. There are much better treatments for AVM’s now. The embolizations that I received to stabilize the AVM after it hemorraged weren’t something I was told about until my stroke. But they have helped stabilize my condition. Good luck in the future for both of you.

If you ever have any questions just ask.