Does gadget stimulation bad for AVM?

Hello, it’s a pleasure for me to find this community, my name is Michelle and I’m 21 y.o.
I’ve just got diagnosed 6 months ago so I’m still new with AVM.
I have a question to ask to you guys.
Does gadget stimulation bad for AVM?
My doctor somehow told me that it is, but i haven’t found it anywhere in google about it.
I’m a student and currently I work as an assistant professor, so i have to use laptop and smartphone quite frequent.
I’m afraid if its really give a bad impact to my AVM.
Thankyou very much.
May you all be happy anywhere you are right now.

Best regard, Michelle.


Hello Michelle and welcome! You’ll find a wide range of experience here, with people who understand and lean on one another often. Its always good to take doctors advice, and always good to seek another opinion. We speak here from experience, and never replace a doctors opinion. With that I can say I have personally never heard of a screen causing negative effects to the AVM. Not sure if anyone else has heard similar. I am familiar with various types of light, particularly flashing potentially contributing to, or triggering, seizures. Perhaps that was his/her concern? Again welcome! Take Care, John.


I use these gadgets everyday like most for work etc & haven’t heard of this being an issue for AVM’s… possibly they want limited use due to seizure triggers etc or just being a little over protective… at the end of the day we could all benefit from less use of gadgets… God bless!


I’m not sure they are necessarily bad for an AVM but after mine ruptured those gadgets can trigger some of my simple seizures due to damage in my occipital lobe


The only problem I have ever had was with strobes causing seizures. Maybe that’s what the Doctor meant??? If I find myself in a “strobe situation” I just close my eyes until it is over.
I would ask the doctor to elaborate.

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They tested me with an E.E.G scan and told me it could cause a seizure if not for the medication I’m on. So things like gadget stimulations could cause a seizure if not taking the right medication. Have your doctors run more tests and see if a seizure pill could prevent it.

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For all who sent a response to my question thankyou very much it means a lot to me. I’ll take all of your answer for consideration. I’ll ask my doctor again for further understanding too.

Sorry for the late replay & once again thankyou very much. Wish you the best.

Ps: Excuse me, I still have trouble to express myself freely because I’m still learning English.

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Hey Michelle,
Welcome to Ben’s Friends.
Firstly, don’t be too worried about your English, you’re doing OK. Even people who have English as their first (and only) language can still have issues when it comes to expressing themselves with the written word (Well, I do anyways :smile:)

As for your question “Does gadget stimulation bad for AVM?”
We have ‘regions’ of the brain that are aligned with particular functions. For example the frontal lobe, behind our forehead, is considered as the area of decision making.
BUT it does not work solely on it’s own but rather in collaboration with other parts of the brain such as memory. So another example is we make a decision to touch the stove, but our memory reminds us ‘HOT’. So here we are using 2 differing areas of the brain and that’s even before using the physical aspect of movement involving yet other portions of the brain. All of these brain structures need to communicate with each other and all of these structures have their own blood supply. With an AVM this blood supply is altered, but which supply alters which part and to what extent? And this question is very much open to interpretation. Each dr can have their own ‘opinion’ of the specific impact.

No two brains are wired in exactly the same way, so to be saying that any AVM is going to have an exact effect on an exact structure is near on impossible. Depending on both the exact location and size, symptoms can vary massively. An AVM may affect blood flow, but it can also put pressure on other brain structures, so although the affected vessels may not directly correlate with the blood flow to your visual cortex, the pressure from the AVM could well have an effect on your vision.

Now I say all of this from my own experience. My situation is not AVM related but I have a growth within my brain. It is not directly related to my vision but it most definitely, at times, affects my eyes. I have had dr’s look at my scans and say ‘There’s no affect…’ but I have also had dr’s say the exact opposite. There is not a lot of space within our skulls and we need a balance between blood, brain matter and cerebral spinal fluid. If one of those things is out of balance I become symptomatic. Now, add tiredness, stimulation, light intensity to that and the effect/symptoms can be huge. I have learnt that despite a dr’s opinion/view I have to manage it all for myself. Be that by time management or limiting my screen viewing time or by medication or by my activity limits. It can all have an impact on my symptoms. And no 2 days are ever exactly the same.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Michelle, welcome to a wonderful group of fellow AVM-ers! This group has been a God-send for me and can be for you as well. This AVM thing is tricky, as no two are exactly alike. I have no problems with “gadgets”, but I cannot handle flashing lights, strobe lights, or stripped cones on the highway. When I’m on the computer for a long time, I get tired. When I get tired, things start to get a little fuzzy and that’s when my brain tells me to stop, log off, and rest. We’re here to lend support and encouragement. Glad you found us. Wishing you the best.

Sharon D…


Never had a problem, I also use wireless bluetooth headsets and everything is ok. Just avoid blinking lights, that’s what the doctor told me.

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A warm welcome from me as well! Your English is just fine! But here’s a suggestion to make things even easier. Get some help from Key in or paste in what you want to translate and in a blink it’s done!

I speak, read and write Dutch, but when I’m tired or in a hurry, I key it into the translator, and then polish the translation up. Doing that has saved me a lot of headaches!

Kami senang Anda menemukan kami, dan kami berharap Anda juga senang.

All the best to you. Be sure to ask for help if you need it. That’s what we are here for.

Seenie from Modsupport

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That’s a goo question and you’ll be sure to get a mixed response. However from a neuroscience perspective. i would say it depends on how much you use it. Too much screen time inhibits the secretion of melatonin, sleep hormones that is secreted by your brain’s pineal gland to help you fall asleep at night which are not good especially if you need a good nights sleep to restore health back to your cells especially the one that are damaged from your AVM rupture. Too uch exposure to electronics also cause your neurons to overexcite and thi may inhibit neuroplasticity.

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