Double vision

Hi Michelle

It has been 13 yrs since my Gamma knife surgery after craniotomy. My AVM was located in my cerebellum and I had double vision to the point of severe vomiting and severe off balance everything I looked at was one side up and the other down. I was put in prism glasses and life returned to normal. I also have nystagmus-the eyes o back and forth and in circles. I only wear my glasses when I go outside and on the computer I put black tape over one lens. Lost my driving ability because I now do not have great reflexes. But life is good and it could be worse. Best thing- I have a wonderful husband an family and friends support.

Barb w.

Hi Michelle, I have same problems, seven years since my Gamma Knife surgery, you learn to live with it, closing one eye most of the time, Prism glasses could not pull mine in enough and make me feel sick walking about so seldom wear them. I also can not drive no more and still miss it, But am truely thank ful to be here and have so many great friends and a lovely husband, my whole out look on lfe has changed, largely for the better.Take care and good luck, the brains a clever thing you never know we might re root and be normal again one xx

I lost half of my vision in both eyes. But got it back to 110 degrees using a system from Germany. But you need 120 degrees in Massachusetts so I joined a prism scheme. Well into it now. Let me know if you need anymore info. Joel.

Hopefully someday with enough research, they will be able to detect and correct an AVM before it happens. Its crazy how unknowing I was about all of this and how reluctant the doctors are to share information. This site has been a real eye opener

My son lost a a quarter of his vision in the left of each eye when he had his surgery last year, what system from Germany were you able to use to restore some of your vision? Very interested in this and the prism scheme you spoke about.

Hi Barb,

My AVM was also in the cerebellum, and I also had some issues with double vision. Like you, I used prism lenses, and an eye patch, and I think it is more under control now.