Dr. Newell @ Swedish vs. Dr. Kim @ Harborview

Anyone have experience with either of these surgeons? We have seen both, and I’m wondering which one is the best. I am leaning towards Newell, but I would appreciate any feedback.


Honey Badger,
As a suggestion, Google both specialists (their bios are both impressive!) Since you’ve met w/ both, ask their offices if they have any pts. in similar situations who would speak w/ you or husband.
Best wishes

Dr. Kim performed the surgery on my 19 year old daughter in July 2009. He was absolutely fabulous and she was ‘cured’. We also had a Dr. Kim as her anesthesiologist who was also great. Good luck!

Dr. Sekhar (Harborview - Seatte) was recommended to us by a neurosurgeon in San Francisco and a team of neurosurgeons in Detroit. My husband had his Grade IV removed on August 6th, 2012. Sekhar is pretty well known of his work in the AVM field.