Dream will I have them?

Hi my names Luke I had an AVM in the cerebellum 2 years ago.

I don’t dream I used to dream allot.

Will I improve?

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Hello Luke!
I’m sure you re dreaming just not remembering your dreams .That happens to me too,my AVM is also in my cerebellum


Thank you!

Hi McLuke, I don’t know if it’s AVM related or something else but what has helped me is to put a pen and journal by your bed. And make the mental intention that if you dream you will write it down. Then if you write down even a few words it will help. Best wishes, Greg


Hi, Luke!
I had a craniotomy for a cerebellar AVM 30 years ago. I always thought it was strange that
I rarely remember dreaming since then. I too used to remember dreaming prior to the bleed and surgery. Then, I thought this lack of dreaming had something to do with the lack of restorative sleep, since I developed fibromyalgia two years afterwards.
Thank you for bringing up this topic. I wonder if others have had the same experience?
We’ll see!

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Chiming in a tad late, but - I have read a few folk’s posts on here about them not having dreams post procedure(s), etc.

Not me, I still dream like no other - right after I came out of my embolization my dreams were very lucid, it was something to get used to for quite a while

Now, going on 4 years post procedure - I still dream quite well. But, I am still on daily benzos & take THC eatables just for sleep.

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