Dreams does anybody have them?

I had an AVM in the cerebellum, I don’t dream will I?

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I used to dream a lot as a kid. At age 10 when I had my first bleed, I stopped remembering my dreams for many months. Then I suddenly had a dream I remembered, after a sleepover with my little sister. I had a dream that I was drowning… an unpleasant first dream, but I was glad to have the memory of it.
I’ve been dreaming ever since and often remember the dream. My AVM is right prefrontal cortex.

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Thank you! It means allot that I have you!

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Feel free to reach out any time. I’ve been on here a lot lately.


I was just reading a post about dreaming/dreams on here a few days ago.

My dreams are still intact - surprisingly enough

At first, after my embolization my dreams were very intense & lucid. But, now - I’d consider them “normal”.

Unfortunately, I am still using THC gummies & benzodiazepines for sleep. Much lower of a dose than I was on a year+ back, but I still can/do not sleep naturally.


I had a cerebellar AVM rupture 30 years ago. I rarely dream like I used to. I also developed fibromyalgia 2 years after. The two major factors involved with it are chronic pain and non-restorative sleep. I wonder if there is a connection ? Loss of REM sleep?