Driving after a sizure and then a surgery

so i was wondering how long i have to wait before i can drive the doctor never did tell me when i can go back to driving. i had my first sizure on march 14 and had my avm remove by crainiotomy surgery and i been of all the medication for about 2 months is there any law that does not let me drive due to having a sizure. i live in TX and no one seems to know…

Hi Miguel,

Nea had her surgery on 3/11 and was cleared to drive by her doctor at her 6 week check up (4/23?).

He told us that since she only had the 1 seizure that was related to the bleed, he was not required (in Illinois) to report her. If she had multiple seizures this would be different. This may be different in Texas and/or your medical situation might be different. Perhaps you should call your doctor?

How are you feeling? Nea is not that interested in trying to drive yet, but I think it’s more psychological than anything else.

Hi Miguel,

In TX, you have to go 6 months seizure-free before driving again. Although your doctor may not have to report you, it’s always a good idea to ask the doctor for his OK.

I agree with Nea’s mom on the one seizure situation vs. several seizures. Definitely ask your doctor whether he thinks you can drive or not.

Believe it or not, it used to be a 1-yr. waiting period in TX which I observed a couple of times! Glad those days are over.

My neurologist told me 6 months but my surgeon didn’t say.

It’s been a year so far for me

I had to wait 6 months in FL. It was the longest 6 months of my life. Having great friends to drive me around was fantastic, but made me feel helpless. I drove until I met my surgeon after surgery. He told me that if I was in accident, even if it was not my fault, I could lose EVERYTHING. That was a wake up call and I stopped driving. I started driving again in April and I was just rear ended about 2 weeks ago. All I think about is the fact that it could have happened when I was not supposed to drive. Make sure you are cleared.

Hi Miguel I had that same question as it has been 3 months since my surgery and seziure but I was told by one of my doctors phyc doctor, that it is 1 year seziure free but that is in Arizona so I am not sure she told me to call the DMV and ask them to make sure hope you are doing well