has anyone been told that they can no longer drive ???

My doctor prefers me not to drive at this time though it is not reported to motor vehcile since my seizures seem to be under control. Mine is because of the seizures and trying to get the right combination of anti seizure medicines not because of the AVM. I also have vertigo and 1/4 vision loss so the only place I drive is to the store which is only 1/4 mile away. Where I live they do not take your license unless you lose 1/2 your vision. Each state is different.

i have not had a seizure, which by the way my doctor finds hard to believe, i have had a bleed, but this happened along time ago, i did not know about it, he feels a was lucky, not sure if lucky is the right word, thanks for the info.


I was given atwo week restriction by my neuro surgeon at release from hospital in 2001. After months of attempting to navigate the drive way and street in front of my home, I gave up. In May of 2002 I needed to renew license and ID at DMV. I was informed that I needed to take vision screening test but not “driving” on the road test. Thankful I did not have to drive with dmv “tester” I hesitantly took th vision test. I passed. Seeing as a have a complete cut of left peripheral in both eyes (NOTHING to my left of center exists for me) I was stunned and over-joyed. I proudly shared this glory with my neuro, neuro-opth. , "regular) opth. , family practitioner and gyny. I was begged, cajoled, guilted and threatened by everyone of them to NEVER drive again. As I had children and grandchildren and a basic love of people and life-I have not driven in seven and one half years-even tho I have no legal restriction as far as I am aware. However, while living on the island of Grand Bahama for a while AFTER the “incident” I found I could drive there-because it is backward from here. Everything is from the right side. (Bless those Brits).
I give too much info to get to this point, I have recently discovered there are services such as Marianjoy Rehab Hosp.(I am in Il) that will give driving evaluations on out patient basis. Doing this has led, for others, to further re-training and hope. So, even with restrictions, there seems to be possibility. You may want to check around your area for such services . Have you been legally forbidden to drive? Makes the difference.

so far no one has said that i can not drive, but i drive for a living, i have checked with work and they seem OK with it, so until i am told other wise or i feel i can no longer drive i will.


you know i wanted to know that because johnahtan is 13 and cant wait to drive and hasne got his operation yet so we have question in that too…hope to read others in that…take care

Hi, Jerry- I only may have had an issue if I had epilepsy.

That being said, I’ll pass on something my lawyer brother told me: if you know that you have a potentially hazardous condition that could cause an accident and you choose to drive anyway, you could be open to being sued if you are in an accident. Its best to have that doctor’s note that says you are a-ok.

I have double vision and can drive. So I don’t see why you cannot get an ok from your doctor.

Hi Jerry-

Because of the seizures the neuro. has not straight out SAID I can’t drive, but I know that legally I can’t until I go 6 months w/o seizures. In my state the Dr’s do not have to report me, so I’ve lucked out. I thought for sure the hospitals would, but nothing in the mail from the DMV yet. :slight_smile:

Brad wasn’t able to drive either. He had to wait 6months after your seizure. This part drove him nuts!! He didn’t like the thought of having to ask someone to take him somewhere, but he got over it…lol

Thank you, i will go see my doctor, see if i can get a note !


I have stopped driving because the pain meds are very strong and make me loopy & tired. I sure do miss my freedom!

well the way they found out i had my avm was i had a seizure behind the wheel of my car and ended up in a three car pileup…so they took my drivers license away :frowning:

Hi Jerrry
I was taking driving lessons when i had my bleed, the only reason i have not comtinued is i can’t keep the wheel steady when i take my left hand off to changr gear. But the hospital/doctor never asked me at any time if i drove so that wasn’t an issue for me. I will take up my lessons again, just neede to get better control
of my right hand. :slight_smile:

I had a crani on sept 19th, 08. My doctor didn’t SAY I couldn’t drive, but didn’t say I could either. I am going back to my neurosurgeon on monday and I’m going to ask him. I am on keppra- anti-seizure meds… but I’ve never actually had a seizure. I’m not sure if you are allowed to drive while on seizure meds or not. I’ll update on what he says monday…amber

I take seizures meds (kepra and tegretol) and I was never told I could not drive because I was taking seizure medications only after I had the seizures themselves. Now sometimes the docs prefer you not to drive if they are trying to regulate the medications. Not sure if they would want you to wait a little while just having the crani.

If I can stay seizure free for 6mths the seizure that i had would be contributed to the actual surgery and not considered a health risk , so far the keppra is working and i’ll get eeg results this week, any one else had seizure after surgery or isolated seizure or am I just pondering on wishful thinking

I went to my followup visit yesterday. It was one month after I had my craniotomy. I have never had a seizure, but I was on Keppra. The doc stopped the Keppra, and told me I could drive after the dmv ok’d my vision. I have never had vision problems though. I called the dmv and they told me I didn’t have to do that unless the doctor said I had some sort of restrictions… I don’t know… I don’t think they do either…

that is sad to drive when you have a seizure could have died

james robert padelli said:

well the way they found out i had my avm was i had a seizure behind the wheel of my car and ended up in a three car pileup…so they took my drivers license away :frowning:

Call DMV… in Florida its 6 months.
If you drive you are putting other people at risk…yeah, I know how I sound…


I was never told I could not drive again. I am driving now ,but I never had seizures. my eyes were swollen in back of the retinas but they subsided. my wife was very nervous about my driving after my avm. she did not want me to hurt anyone or myself. my judgement is fine and have done well. if I felt I could not drive I would not. mvd said to me " as long as you had no seizures I need no note from doctors to be able to drive . " if you are prone to seizures that may be scary to drive.