Embo #11 done!- Update with my "super model" pictures!

My wonderful husband was nice enough to post up earlier that I was the treatment was done and I was feeling well! Which is all true. I’m definately swollen but the pain level is minimal right now. We just got back to the condo, I took a shower to wash all the grody blood out of my hair, and now I’m in my PJ’s pretending I will be able to stay awake for a while…

This trip was a good one, as we were able to spend just a little time with Cynid & Mark (from my website) and also meet up with Jody, Arie, & Denny for dinner last night. This morning I also met Allison and her dad from Alaska. She has a VM in her leg and I email with them often (another from my website.) Everyone also got some chatting time in today as well in betweed treatments.

Anyways, thanks to eveyone for their continued support. I love this AVM family and am so glad to have you all in my life.

I’ll update again in the next few days here, and also on my website & personal blog.

So here are a couple of pictures of my new Super Model look. You think I could get picked up by one of the top agancies??? If not, I’m sure it has more to do with my height than anything else!!! Cause these pictures are gorgeous!!! :slight_smile: ha ha!!!


Good for her, I’ll be waiting to hear from her !!

Thanks for posting for Shalon, Joshua!
Take as much time as you need and get some good rest Shalon, but I’m hoping to see you very soon :slight_smile:

Hurray for Shalon!! Hope she is feeling okay and not too uncomfortable this time around. :frowning:

Happy to hear your condition. Keep us posted when you can.

Joshua, THANK YOU for posting for Shalon! She is an amazing women !

What ? No shoes ?? Where is Joshua ? You need prizes to off-set that swelling…Be good to you. Take care of you.

glad it all went well…and sounded like you had a great time in between…take care xxx

Shalon I’m glad all went well . Hope to hear from you soon !

So glad to hear from you Shalon! I hope the next days and weeks are as easy as possible for you but i know it must be difficult. Keep your chin up and I’m with Marianne- you DEF deserve some “prizes” for this so maybe check out some online shopping. Pamper yourself girlfriend! Wish we could all help you.

I’m glad you’re feeling good Shalon! Get lots of rest and make hubby get some more of the Mexican hot chocolate!

Thanks to everyone for the comments. I feel good this time around. Haven’t even taken any Vicodin for pain. The only real bothersome thing is that my little bottom eyelashes are irritating my swollen eye! But geez, that is NOTHING to complain about.
And yes, som kind of “after treatment treat” is in order. Will definatley work that out once I get home!!!

Good to hear take care.

Now I “see” the real problem…you aren’t as tall as I had imagined…
Be good to you. Take care of you. HUGS …

Shalon, I’m glad I can see that little smile in your pictures and your post sounds so positive, considering… you’re one heack of a strong woman, and you’ll beat this thing sooner or later.
I’m so sorry for all the pain you’re going through, but I admire you for your spirit and neverending sense of humour!
How tall are you? I’m sure there are supermodel agencies for shorter women lol, one of them will surely want to snap you up for the 2010 collection ;>
Gentle hugs to you :heart: Kerstin

Glad your not in great pain babe but take it easy, stay in your pj’s and chill this weekend. xoxox

I’m glad that your treatment went well and especially that you’re not in pain. I look forward to reading on your website about your meeting with everyone!


Shalon is face embo same as head whare they fill it with the wire looking stuff ? That looks so painfull .I hpoe it looks worse then it feels . Taake care .

Well this time I had 15 cc’s of alcohol, and also 5 metal coils. So ya, it’s the same thing. Just whatever embolic agent is right for the particular treatment and application.
I have tons of metal in my face. I think I posted some pics on one of my earlier blogs here, but I also have “metal mouth” pics up on the picture page of my website.
I keep telling everyone that when this is all done, I’m gonna melt down all that platinum and make a keepsake bracelet! I know, a little crazy, but hey I paid for all that platinum!!! :slight_smile:
And yes, often it looks worse than it feels. But occasionally it feels pretty bad as well. This time, I’m doing ok, just swollen and a little blistery.

Shalon you are a very good role model, with your upbeat atitute and humor… I am glad to see you are doing well. And by the way I personally think you are a very beautiful young lady inside and out… I have checked out your website, viewed your photo’s and read your story… You are an inspiration to all. Thank You Dear…