Embo #15 down!

Hey everyone!

Embo 15 is done. I’m back home and just being lazy! Had my favorite comfort food, Indian, for dinner last night…and yummy coffee this morning.

Trip went well. No friends at the hospital this time. There was actually only three patients in for the day, and I got to be the first!!! Don’t think that has ever happened.

I’m very swollen and quite drooly as a side effect…but oh well. I’ll take the drool over the pain any day!

Thanks so much for all of the thoughts and well wishes! Shalon

Hi Shalon,

I’m really glad to hear No 15 went well. I’m currently in the Blue Mountains which is wonderful with beautiful autumninal colours and cosy log fires. I’m enjoying a new freedom with a definite visual improvement in my face, which means I have ventured out a fair bit in the past couple of weeks; it’s not back to normal but nearly there.

I’m still about a quarter Brazilian and still have a quite bit of back pain from the ‘Robobeds’ but time seems to be the best healer and it’s just a matter of time before my back is back to normal and my dignity is restored. I think post Embo there should be a clause in the diet rules whereby you can eat what ever you want but this must end a week or two after, this way you still have a ‘comfort zone’.

I absolutely love Indian Food and as a child I grew up in East London close to Brick Lane which has possibly the best Curries known to mankind, I reckon those killer spices could be good ‘ammo’ against the AVM too. The best of luck with all the healing



Hey Shalon! I’m so sorry to see you had so much swelling this time! You are so amazing :wink:
And I wanted to tell you - I LOVE indian food and can cook all different kinds! I can totally email you some recipes if you want! My husband is indian so my stuff is authentic! His mom taught me! I really hope you’re feeling better :slight_smile:

Louisa send them all to me!!! ha ha ha! I’m so jealous that you know how to cook it!
One of my best friends growing up was Indian (Gujarati) and I loved being over at her house with all the yummy stuff her mom would make us. I became vegetarian when I was in junior high, much to the dismay of my parents, and Indian food was like a whole new yummy world. I totally kick myself now that we didn’t have her mom teach us to cook in High School, or even college. She has since learned (has two little girls of her own) and now I live to far away to make her mom give me classes!!! I’ve been pulling recipes down online…but haven’t actually tried. I need to take the time to go buy all the spices and stuff. And well it seems like I never have free time. So we just go out instead! :slight_smile:

OH MY GOD I will totally send you recipes - white people friendly! HA HA! set aside a day to go to a market that has all the spices. It’ll only take you an hour at best!! I’ll have to draft you up a list. My hubby is Punjabi - when I first ate his mother’s food I almost died! I was like, okay - I am marrying your son and learning your recipes!