Embolization Effectiveness

Statistics worldwide concerning the result of AVM Embolization shows that in 20% of the cases(depending on size and location and …), Embolization fully occludes AVM and in most cases, it just makes the AVM smaller, suitable for Surgery or Radiotrapy.
Many of Neurusurgeons, reject the Embolization and many of Neuroradiologists, reject the Open Surgery.
Does anybody knows the AVM patients whom their AVM is 100% treated by only Embolization?

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Welcome Alireza, I had both…an embolization and a craniotomy. My doctors told me that both were necessary to get all the stems out and to prevent a massive bleed.The embolization was done on me to enclose the AVM area and the next day they did the craniotomy to remove it. Both were necessary in my case. I guess it just depends on where it is? Hope that helps some.
Sending Angel light and love…d

Alireza eveyone is differenrt, i had embo back in Oct 07 aqnd i go in for another angio 20/6
they told me they got about 90% but it is only through this site that i knowmy wee time bomb can come bacj
i know you are worried aboutyour son but listen to the docs and specialists they knoe what they are about, honestly x

Thank you Donna

Thank you Amanda
Don’t worry.Recuurrence of the AVMs is very rare.Everyday in our normal life, we are opposing with many dangeoureses such as accidents, geart attack, earth quake, cancer, …
I think the chance and probability of the AVM recuurences is much much lower than above mentioned events.

Thank you.
I hope you get the best result in your Gamma Knife treatment.

HEY! Yes, my daughter’s AVM was just treated by Embolization only, it was only 15 days ago, but the doctors said it should not come back, and they chose not to do the AVM removal after the embolization. They are very optimistic, as am I. Good luck!

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My son will do embolisation soon. Being the remaining avm small now, doctors are very confident it will solve the problem for good.

I wish your son AVM never comes back.Recurrence of AVMs are very rare.

I will pray for your son.

Mine are treated purely by embolization - but, as others have said, no two cases are exactly alike, and different approaches are required.

Thanks Sean

Hi Seen
Your AVM is completely occluded by just Embolization or there is still some remaining?