Embolization Number 2

I’ve just had my second Embo on my left cheek AVM, it went alot smoother than my first with a smoother recovery due ‘I think’ to no gas being used as an anasthetic, last time around I felt really groggy for about 24 hours and I blame the gas, this time I had the procedure in the morning and I was discharged in the late afternoon, which was great spending my first night of recovery in my own comfortable bed rather than the ‘robo beds’ they have in the hospitals. The Radiologists were really happy with the Embo and managed to get four smaller feeders that had become enlarged after my first Embolization, they used four vials of Onyx and I was under for a little over three hours. So fingers crossed this will do the trick for sometime. I’m feeling fine with lots of yummy food to eat and Dvd’s a plenty. Thanks for all you support.


Roland, that is great to hear. Take it easy and i hope it does the trick for longer then sometime.

roland, great news about the 2nd embo, and how lucky are you to be able to be home so soon. im so happy for you, you will be fine for a very very very long time… rest up, eat loads and go hire Lock Stock & 2 Smoking Barrels xxxx keep me posted on how youre doing

So glad this one was easier! I love getting out the same day and going home. It really makes a world of difference! I hate the gas for anesthesia!!! Never have it any more but always did as a kid. And I totally agree that it makes everything worse.
Rest up! Will send you a post later alligator! :slight_smile:

That’s great Roland. I hope you get thru the next few days okay and don’t have too much swelling. Thinking of you.

happy for your embo whent well had really hoping for your total recovery…

take care