Embolizatiwon # 3 is scheduled for November 30, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I wanted to send out a quick update letting everyone know I had a really good check up yesterday with my doctor. Today I am one week post embolization #2 and am doing very well.

I have come down with a sinus infection and am feeling yucky from that but as for my AVM I am feeling really good.

I experienced a few reactions to some medications this time around and will be avoiding them in the future. So I am continuing to heal from the embolization, the reaction to the medicines as well as the sinus infection.

My third embolization is scheduled for November 30. I am looking forward to getting it done and having until after the new year to recover and allow myself to fully enjoy the holidays with my family and not having to worry about a procedure or recovering from a procedure.

My boys are young and I want to be able to enjoy these special times with them.

My doctor believes at this point that I need 4 more embolizations (counting the one on 11/30/10). This will be our plan as long as my AVM does not recruit any additional feeders and as long as the feeders do not "peel".

I will keep everyone up to date