Hello Friends, Does anyone know how Erin is doing? I haven’t heard anything since she went into Surgery.
God Bless,
Mike O’Brien

Hi Mike
If you go to Dianna’s page she has done a blog dated 3 May for an update on how Erin is Doing. Amanda

I’m worried too as I don’t think Dianna has updated since 3rd.

I just hope all our messages have provided the family some encouragement and hope at this tough time.


I just called the hospital, because I had been sending her notes there, and didn’t know if she was still there, she has been released. Please send her emails and post on her page so she knows we are thinking of her!

Thanks Marilyn, They kept me in a coma for 6-weeks after surgery. But, I had a bleed with a shift. Lots of swelling and damage before the surgery. Hopefully Erin will recvover faster.
I’l keep her
in my prayers. Thanks for the update, Mike O’Brien