Erins first appt

We met with the neurosurgeon today, found out that Erins AVM is about 5cm. and deep in her obsipical lobe. So tomarrow we go to an optomologist for a field vision test, Wednesday for an EKG and to meet an andovascular- neurosurgeon at Gates Hospital on Thursday. Hoping for some more answers then. Thanks everyone for all your support.

Hi Lisa. Is Erin going to have an EEG done too? EKG checks the heart and it is the easiest test out there. I will be praying for Erin on Thurs.!

I was mistaken Erin is having an echo done on Wednesday. I am assuming the Dr. we visit on Thursday will schedule her EEG. If he does not I am going to ask about it. Thanks Barbara!

Hi Lisa and Erin, glad to hear you have started the journey.

Blessings and prayers with you all!

Marie & Steve