I’ve heard of AVM survivors being left with blurred or double vision. I’ve got no left side peripheral vision in either of my eyes which has left me with 50% of my vision. Does anyone else have anything similar? How were your eyes affected?

Yes, OC, the term for it is hemianopsia. If you use the search box at the upper right, you will find others who have reported their experiences with it.

I lost left and lower peripheral vision in both eyes, (just over 50% total loss). It was actually much worse in the beginning (post surgery), but got a little better over time. I also had double vision but that to got better over time. I think I've learned to cope with it over the years, but occasionally embarrass myself by hitting a door frame.

Yes, I have left homonymous hemianopia. It never improved, i can’t drive, walk into things and now own a guide dog.


Hi O.C. I have no peripheral vision in my left eye 0 my AVM rupture had taken place in the right Occipital lobe of my brain. The vision from the near corner of my eye to the center is fuzzy. I did not realize that until my recent visit with my Neurologist, where she had given me an eye exam. I'm quite used to it by now, I just wish my coworkers could be more patient with my when I can't locate something on the computer screen or a piece of paper as quickly as they can.
I had double-vision for about a month after my surgery.

The term is homonymous hemianopia I have it too since my bleed 7 yearg ago. My AVM was in my right occipital/parietal lobes. It has not improved but it has not gotten worse. It takes adjustments but you will learn over time how to better scan to your weaker side.

Over 12 years ago my avm ruptured in the cerebellar region. I had double vision(things stacked on top of each other)and nystagmus. After gaze stabilization exercises and time my vision recovered. I had surgery to remove the avm ,and the double vision and nystagmus returned. Again, through exercises and the passage of time my vision recovered. I do have moments when reading something, the sentence from the bottom blends with the sentence I’m reading. To remedy this, I get a plain piece of paper and cover the sentence underneath so I don’t have to strain as hard to read. I wish you well.

hey :-) I have a AVM i my right occipital lobe. I got an embolization back in January, and now I am missing lower left vision field i both eyes. Also got GK for the rest 14 days ago. This is also giving me a little blurred vision from time to time. Still in the proces of finding out if I can keep my driving license...

Hi Leslye:

Are you sure the vision loss is just in your left eye, or is it also in the right eye? I mean is there vision from center to left in your right eye? I had an AVM in the right occipital lobe also, but it was a long time ago. I know the vision loss has to do with exactly where the AVM was. It can be before the optic nerve or the other side of the optic nerve. The result depends on where it was in the brain.



Hey there, Beansy. Interestingly enough, the vision loss is solely in my left eye. A post-operation follow-up with my Nuero-Opthamologist had confirmed this. I can see very well out of my right eye. Whenever I read, I unknowingly skip words on the left side of the page, and would have to re-read when I realize that the sentence did not make sense.
What I also find interesting is that my left eye was affected when I had my very first horrid migraine almost fourteen years ago when I was nineteen (the migraine last for about 4-5 days). It seemed like I had been starting at the sun for too long, but that was just in my left eye. My doctor at the time said that I just had allergies. My coworker would tell me that I needed to get my migraines checked out. Sometimes I wonder what how I would be had I listened to her, but instead I chose to trust my doctor's diagnosis. But every experience is a learning one, right? Thanks. Take care. :-)

www.lowvision.org Is a wonderful site I stumbled onto just a couple of days ago. I too have been left with a - dense Homonymous Hemianopsia. to the left. 26 years for me . I was 26 years old, so ya ....that makes me * * * 52.

It takes time to learn this new path, but is absolutely obtainable ! !

Our mind set plays such a " HUGE " role in the success of adapting to our new ways. Trust, it will get better. I don't say that in the terms of your sight will get better, just navigating the path in front of you now, will get better. I used to say.....

Oh, I - can't - do - that. and after a - LONG, LONG while I changed it to, let's try that out and if it works , great for me and if not, well lets not do that one again.

I now drive, run a cattle Ranch with my husband, so going into the field and corrals to sort cows from calves, have become a job I never thought I would do. I took up training Border Collie dogs and got into competing with them, trials with sheep and cattle.

Although I will never get to the top of the class, that's ok with me, I'm out there trying, I've won some and lost many. I have found that when you lose one or more of our senses we make up for it in other ways. For example, when in close quarters with the cattle and I need to get the gate open to sort... I use my hearing to the full degree.

I hope you will check out the web site, ... as a long time survivor, I am always looking and learning, - will be proud of my blunder's as much as my accomplishments, I work twice as hard as people with out our limitations ...s o o o o, why not celebrate " twice "
You can do anything ! ! Remember this quote from " Henry Ford "

If you think you CAN and you think you CAN'T - your - RIGHT .

All the best, be kind to your self. You have made it this far and that is a great feat

Hi I made a mistake in the quote.

I meant, If you think you can ( or ) you think you can't your right

That's better :)

Definitely O.C., I Had Double Vision Post Surgery (Feb 2013). The Vision In My Right Eye Was 100% Affected, My Left Was Fine. All They Did Was Give Me An Eye Patch And Said Give It Time. I Found This Site Soon After, And On It I've Read That Some People Don't Get It All Back Even With Time, Which Freaked Me Out. So Having A Passion For Nutrition I Took A Holistic Approach To Attempt To Regain And Speed Up The Healing Process. I'm A Firm Believer In Giving Our Bodies The Proper Tools (Nutrition) So It Can Heal Itself. And Also Found 'Eye Exercises For Double Vision' On The Web, Exercised Each Eye Alternating The Eye Patch. And Did Those Religiously Twice A Day, Everyday. I Saw Improvements Every Week, And After 6 Months, I Had Regained It All. GOD Bless You O.C., I Do Hope The Best For You In Your Recovery.