Fatigue after cyberknife

I am sooo tired and I know that this is normal after this type of procedure. I took two days off work (one for the procedure and the next day) but worked Friday and Saturday. It is now 10 PM and I am unnaturally tired. I guess this is pretty normal? I am probably just being impatient with myself.
Also does anybody else (hard to describe) kind of hear the blood whirring around in their head? It drives me crazy.

Wow Diane. I can’t believe you went back to work so soon. My son had Gamma Knife and he literally slept long long hours for a week and then he was what I knew was “unnaturally tired” for at least the next month. THere is no way he could have done any job two days after the procedure. He was still experiencing some pretty freaky things two days later.
Is there anyway you could take a bit more time off and do some serious resting? I am a firm believer that resting your body and mind have a huge impact on your healing. I think your body does alot of healing and repair work when you are at rest and asleep.
Maybe you are pushing yourself too much and that it why you are hearing that blood in your head but I think you should report this to your doctor too and ask if is normal.
This is another issue that I have with our doctors. I personally think you should have been told to rest and take work off for at least 1-2 weeks… but they seem to want to minimize the procedure.
You should listen to your body and be kind to yourself!

Definitely. You brain needs lots of rest to recover, so even though you feel good enough to go back to work, maybe half days are better for a healthy recovery. Sleep as much as your brain wants to.


Hi, Dianne- I had the procedure done on a Thursday and went back to work Monday. Even flew to Cincinnati for a meeting on Tuesday morning. Boy, was that a stupid mistake. I was exhausted!!
Honestly, I was unnaturally tired for 2 years after the bleed. I think the radio-surgery exasperated it, though.

I still don’t have the energy I used to. Its odd, its not so much physical- my brain gets tired. So, I have learned to rest & sleep when I need to. I’m “over” feeling guilty about it!

I don’t hear the blood in my head, although I’ve read in some articles that a whooshing sound isn’t uncommon in AVM patients. Ask your neuro about it. (Or you might just be crazy!) :wink:

well I went back to work for two days but now I have my regular 2 days off and plan to rest a lot! I mentioned the wierd sound to the radiation nurse and she said people with high blood pressure seem to hear it (luckily my blood pressure is low).

definitely a little crazy! I’ll definitely try to rest up more and not feel guilty about it.

yes,i do get that sound in my head,sounds like the sea or a wishing machine on slow, hope this is the same, new to this forum thing, hard to talk to other people about how i feel,which changes from day to day.

Is the cyberknife the same as the gammerknife which i will have done soon, i live in the uk !

Yes like the sea! very strange feeling.

cyberknife is somewhat different…for one thing no halo and also I think the robotic arm moves around more and hits you with the radiation from all types of angles. There are definitely websites online about it.

good luck with the gammaknife procedure!

Hello Diane. Stop. Rest. Sleep. Any way you can find the means to do so? Call your physician. Explain these occurances. Toy need to take care of you and be good to you. Do for yourself as you would for someone else you were tending to in this circumstance. Easy for me to say,I know. Still it is TRUTH. The whooshing concerns me. The onlt times I heard and felt that whooshing along with a thumoing was with head pain from hell. The ebb and flow was, as I was told, my blood pressure raising so high. Before all this I was blessed with a bp so low most were amazed I was alive, but for me it was good. AFTER all the avm “stuff”, about two years after, the whooshing and thumping came back. SCAREY for me. Somehow the cganges caused me to acquire high bp. Now on atenolol everyday. If my bp is everyones accepted “norm” I am heading for trouble. We are all different. Some people seem to go through a rebalancing with bp, no matter which procedure(s) are utilized. Others never have an issue. ALWAYS I have been told by cardios and neuros that those sounds are an indicator of something, temporary or permanent, that requires examination and investigation.
RESTING and SLEEPING are KEY elements ro survival and recovery.Sadly for many of us, that is not stressed and sometimes we trudged on as if nothing has happened. Or it is economically unfeaseable, or, whatever. The point is YOU must be good to you. You must take care of you. YOU are VERY IMPORTANT to this world. Talk with your DRS and FAMILY about this, please? Drop a line to me when you can.

Hello Brian. Are there classes in resting/sleeping without guilt? Always bad and good to know I am not alone in what I call TBS-Tired Brain Syndrome. How much work can our poor brains do ALL the time? I know, I know- ALL of it. Could be how and why a little bit crazy keeps us “sane” ! Be good to you. Take care of you.

thanks marianne…I also have low blood pressure and the whirring sound is not accompanied with any headache or pain…it’s really just more annoying than anything else!

Definitely doing lots of resting these next few days. Luckily I have a very understanding and kind employer.

I have been recovering 2-years since my crainotomey, I have been on anti anxity medication since (Trazadone) I sleep like a baby., but can always doze off at anytime if I try. Mike O’Brien

Dianne after my radiation I also tried to go back to work but ended up taking the week. From what I understand the fatigue is normal. After my second I did not even try I just took the week. I still was tired and if I needed to take half days after the week I did. I did what my body was telling me to do. I do hear what you call whirring sounds in my head and I also hear ringing in my ears all the time. The whirring or whoosing sound they tell me is a bruie which happens whith AVM’s. My doctor can actually hear it. The loudness has decreased since my embo’s and radiation so give it some time. The ringing drives me more crazy than anything. I fall asleep with the TV to drowned it out. I do set the timer on the TV so it does not wake me up once I fall asleep or it endes up givng me a migraine.