Fellow Singaporeans AVM survivors

Heya, I would like to meet and get to know fellow Singaporeans who suffer/ed from AVM. Would be great to meet in person and talk about treatment options and recovery, support etc.

If anyone knows a singaporean who suffers from AVM, refer him/her to me too :slight_smile:

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im a malaysian.but i live in kuching… I would love to share wit u my experience. But u can get lots of opinions here too. Anything u just anyone around here…they love to share wit u. Liam knows alot of things…so just ask him like i did just that when i got to his site…i forgot wat i was to ask.

I’m from Singapore too.

Secondary 3 student from ACS (Barker)

I have an AVM on my left foot and left tibia

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I am from Singapore, and have spinal avm

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Hi there. My mother had an AVM, but she passed away three years ago cos they concentrated on her cancer and not the AVM. I found that out about two weeks before I had my OP this year. Mum was a Singaporean, and grew up near Changi prison during world war II. Just for your information, one of the worlds experts on AVMs, Prof Michael Morgan, will be a speaker at the neurosurgeons Conference in Singapore, in November, 2010

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Hi, I got an AVM on my scalp, consider superficial, but it is also growing over the years, I am also hoping to find a solution to the AVM, but it seems like in Singapore, there are not many AVM specialists. I saw a good doctor from France who was visiting but has since passed away. If anyone knows a good doctor here in Singapore or anywhere else in the world, please recommend. Tks

Hi Eugene. I have had a cranio and an emboilization done on my superficial AVM on the left temporal artery. Since my last operation in 2008, doctors have advised me to leave it alone. But it is still growing, although slightly. It is a cause of concern for me as well.

Not as much pain at the moment, but psychological discomfort because it does affect my appearance!

Sorry to hear that, I got mine excised about 14 yrs ago, when diagnosed as Hemangioma, but it grew back and doctors called it AVM. Mind if I ask which doctors you saw here in SG?

Honestly I cannot remember, because they keep changing.

But I used to go to NUH’s Clinic C (Surgery).


I see DrKwok and Dr Yeap at Mt E,

Just for my understanding, if yours is a superficial AVM, why did your docs need to do a cranio on you?

Actually, that is what the doctors called it. But strictly speaking, they did not touch my brain…

hi pepper thanks for joining in the thread.

I have poor memory and short attention span too xD but don't everybody? heh.

Well, it is my humble opinion that we, of the information age, have poorer memory and attention span than our parents, due to our self-imposed fixation with the internet and our smart phones. Seems like more and more of my friends are relying on drugs such as Ritalin to pay attention in class. I would definitely buy Ritalin if I could get an easy prescription ;)

I usually have serious doubts about peoples' claims about medically proven memory problems, but since you are an AVM survivor I would not :P My AVM is superficial, so it gets me weird stares from others and can be felt by touch. When it's raging, it can shut me down.

Hi All

I joined this site 1 years ago & now finally see some of "my own ppl" Singaporean here :)

I'm SG too. Discover AVM 7th Feb 2015. Had Radio-Surgery treatment. So far not too bad, waiting for recovering.

How about you all?? Fully recover?? :)

Hi Desmond, my doctor advised that I leave my AVM alone coz it is on my scalp. I have been monitoring it and it hasn’t been giving me a lot of problems except that I can play games that risk hitting the spot. How about you? How has your recovery been? Where is the location of your AVM?

Hi Eugene

My AVM is on the left parietal. Is already been 1 year & 2 months since my radio-surgery.

Last week the DR said my AVM should be gone by looking at the MRI but he want me to have another MRI in 4 months later. If everything goes well next will be angiogram. i'm waiting for the day to come.....

How about your case? Why not remove it instead of wait & see?

How everything work out fine to you...

Hi all,

I am Singaporean too. I have spinal avm, type 2 at T10. I have seen many neurosurgeons and read many medical journals after being diagnosed. Finally, I found a good neurosurgeon to remove my avm. I’m 3 weeks post op now. Experiencing weakness and numbness in right leg. However, I am glad that I am able to walk just that abit slow. Hope to improve with Physio.

I do not think I am an expert here. But as spinal avm is very rare, especially in such a small country as Singapore, I am more than willing to share information to anyone with spinal avm who needs advise

I will be doing 6mths post op MRI/angiogram to confirm avm is completely remove. Wish me luck!

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