Fertility after AVM

Hello. It’s good to join this group!

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in February. It was my first pregnancy age 39.
I was given misoprostol due to retained product in my uterus which didn’t work and I was then refused a D&C due to Covid risk…
By summer I had a uterine AVM which was causing a lot of pain and haemorrhaging so I was given Tranexamic Acid and advised to take 2 progesterone pills daily.
Now the AVM has gone thankfully and my last pill was 27th October.
I’ve had a period but my body still doesn’t feel normal. My cycle before the pregnancy was as regular as clockwork.

Now after having a proper period I am not ovulating (no egg white) but I have had ovulation type pains for a week now (2 weeks later than predicted) and that type of pain I only usually get for a few hours. Something just isn’t right.

How long did it take others to return to their normal cycle after AVM?

Hi @Sarah1

Clearly this is a question for the @PelvicAndUterine ladies, so I hope adding this label means that they will see your post and help out.

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Hi @Sarah1

My story is already somewhere in this group so I won’t repeat the long Pelvic AVM experience.

It took almost 5 months after my first D&C in 2018. In that time was also when the AVM was discovered due to continuous bleeding.

This time after 2 MC in the last 6 months my period is on schedule but heavier then I remember it being before. I only had one cycle in between those pregnancies and it wasn’t much of a period, one day of very light bleeding.

To date I have no babies. We are now meeting with a fertility specialist and trying not to get pregnant until I can have a saline Ultrasound on Jan 27th. This will show any problems in the uterus that could be contributing to the recent miscarriages.

I am 37.
My name is Krista


Thank you Krista. Maybe we are doing the wrong thing by trying for a 2nd pregnancy.
I am waiting for a callback from a gynaecologist this month so of course I’ll explain my concerns to him. I was just hoping that after the AVM had gone that my cycle would return to normal as it was so regular before but yet the problems continue…

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Also I wish you good luck and a happy future

I wouldn’t necessarily say wait to try for a second. They say wait 2 menstrual cycles, we only waited one in between. I would listen to their advice on that one. Everyone is different. I wish you all the best.

I just don’t want to go through this again so seeking help with the hope of preventing that.

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