Finding out i have an AVM

today i got the confirmation that i have a front left cereberal AVM it has took the dctors six years to tell me this well i am now going to wait for the scans and appointments to start coming in this year will be interesting. But the best thing i am hoping for this year is to get rid of this pain i've been suffering with for so long.

Sorry to hear that u have a avm. What did the drs say would be ur best treatment for you?

i’m having to have some more tests and scansto see the severity of it then we will go from there

Hi Claire Wilson...Now you are on the journey now that you know you have an AVM. We are all here for you! Stay Strong and Stay Positive!

Hello Claire, please keep us posted as to how you are going. We are here to support & help you in any way we can. Take care & God Bless.