Well things have been really crazy around here. Bethany is in rehab. They are working with her on rolling over and sitting. They are also trying to get her to se her hands. She moves her thumb and pointer fingers on both hands. Her legs are still the same. She does react to a pinch, water hitting her legs and when you ticle the bottom of her feet. They have start electoshock therapy on her wrist and legs. I just with I had this crystal ball to see our future!

Hi Veronica. I am so sorry that Bethany has had to suffer so much in her young life. Rehab can accomplish wonders. You and Bethany will be on my prayer list!

We are rooting for Bethany, Veronica. Keep us posted!

Thank yo Barbara…prayers is what got her to where she is today! I will keep posted!

hello Veronica, I am new to this site and following Avm patients journeys. Bethany sounds like a remarkable little girl, strong and beautiful and a little fighter! Surround her with your love and your strength and please know others have you in their thoughts and prayers.