First migraine without a headache

I am used to constant severe headaches and disorientation but today I had something I didn’t realise existed because I had never experienced it before

As per my normal bad headaches, I had a sudden disorientation and couldn’t swallow etc and numbness in right arm but this time my eyes hurt from the light and I couldn’t keep them open but I had absolutely no pain so I didn’t know what was going on

I actually didn’t realise you could have a migraine attack without pain (besides a little eye pain) but it happened today

Not fun obviously (little scary) but interesting is the only way I can describe it

Migraine is an astounding thing tbh. While it is an old book, I found reading Migraine by Oliver Sacks quite an interesting read. I am sure that if more of us learned about migraine, it might be less frightening.


Pediatric are interesting too. Guts symptoms, nausea, vomiting, constipation, diarrhea being the main symptoms. It’s the pattern of occurrence that mostly leads to diagnosis. When they get into their later teens it moves to the head.

My ENT believes that I have vestibular migraines, which don’t always have head pain. It’s almost worse though, dizziness and vertigo for three days. Not fun, especially when that was your only stroke symptom (from a duralAVF)! I had no idea any kind of migraine caused dizziness, I’ve had them for over 20 years and not once had that. I just had another round of Botox for migraines today. It helps, but when the barometric pressure drops is when the migraines attack. I hope you find relief and I’ll be sending warm thoughts and well wishes your way.