Five months after

To think that tuia month we will get to celebrate his 13th Birthday:-) Nov 16th Chason gets to have a small gathering with his friends and even though he wanted to be walking by now, playing baseball and enjoying the winter break with his friends… Instead of tons of therapies… He now knows thanks to a neighbor whom we met while trick treating, a doctor in the ER when Chason was brought in unconscious and lifeless… That he had only a 5% chance of survival when he left our local hospital to be flown in to St Mary’s!!! Talk about WOW!!! Thanking God for his mercy<3 Chason is now more determined than ever to prove just what a mighty God we serve and how grateful we are for this second chance at life! To all who are going through similar situation… Remember to always keep the faith!!! One day at time that’s what I keep telling him:-) but with hard work and dedication God will see us through everything and even if he doesn’t get to play baseball again although I still believe with all my heart that he will… I am forever grateful that his 5% chance of survival won over the 95% of dying!! Keep the Faith!!!

Hi Jana. It has been 23 years since my parents were told that I had less than 2 hours to live. I have a sneaking feeling that Chason is like me…let’s prove the doctors wrong. I am one of his biggest cheerleaders albeit an older one. I have seen so many amazing things since I survived. Trust me…he is still here for a reason!!!

Hi Jana…You must be so proud of your Chason…working so hard…Keep the Faith!