Food for Positive Thoughts

I am the sum total

of all my choices

up until this moment.

Each place along the way
is somewhere I had to be
in order to be here.

The past is over.
This is a new day,
one that I have never
lived before.

I stay in the Now and enjoy
each and every moment.

Everything in the universe flows.
I can´t get ahold of water by
clutching it.
I let my hand relax, though,
and then I can experience it.

In order to make visualization
a reality in the world to form.
I must be willing to do
whatever it takes
to make it happens.

I listen to those signals that help me make
the right choices,
no matter what anyone thinks.
I trust my intuitive voices
and go with them.

I don´t let emotions
immobilize me.
I view them as choices.
Emotions are choices.

I create my thoughts,
my thoughts create my intentions,
and my intentions create my reality.

What I think about expands.
If my thoughts are centered on
what is missing,
then what is missing,
by definition,
will have to expand.

Conflict cannot survive
without my participation.
Forgivness is an act of the heart,
the ability to give love away
in the most difficult of circumstances.

I can only give away to others
what I have inside myself.
Love is giving
and has nothing to do
with what I receive.

Ask for nothing
and I will receive much.
I only receive that
which I am willing to let in.

Everything I fight only weakens me,
and hinders my ability to see
the opportunity in the obstacles.
Every obstacle is an opportunity,
every obstacle is a test.

When everything works against me.
I feel my real strength.

Miracles can only happen
when I get rid of
the concept of "impossible"
and allow myself to experience
the magic of knowing.

Harmony gets inside me
through my thinking.
The origin to all action
is a thought.

In the dimensionless
world of thoughts,
everything is possible.

You are an awesome writer!

Excellent! straight from the heart! Peace and love, mare

That is amazing. If you wrote that, good for you and it should be published somewhere for all to read.

You said it girlfriend! THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL -

I agree that is beautiful!!
Thank you for sharing your intimate thoughts with us!!

hanne your words are beautiful like your photos and you have a gift as to the way tou put tour felling s into words so my friend still think of you and wish the best for you shane crottyxo

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback, that is really encouraging for further writing :slight_smile:

Beautiful. Keep writing.