For those in Chicago

Who is your doctor?
Looking for recommendations for people at Rush, Northwestern, Univ of Chicago or other…

thank you!

Demetrius Lopes at Rush is great, both in my opinion and by a number of objective measures–google him and see! He did a successful embolization for my husband, he’s very accessible for follow-up, he treats you like a human, and he has great credentials–a number of “firsts”, and he’s on the cutting edge of new endovascular treatments. His website:

I should add that he was able to diagnose my husband at a single glance at an old CT scan. Previously, U of C neurologists had taken brand-new scans related to his seizures, and they never even mentioned the giant AVM that even WE can see when we look at the films. So I wouldn’t recommend U of C doctors as AVM experts, but my info on their staff is now 2 years out of date, since we’ve moved away.


Dr. Ali Shaibani at Northwestern. He is the best. He actually cares about his patients and he has the knowledge, expertice and wisdom to know when and how much to do. If that makes sense. Jennifer Fox is his nurse, she is great too. His office is at Northwest Community Hospital in Arlington Heights, (847.618.5879) and he is Assoc. Prof. of Radiology & Neurosurgery at Northwestern downtown Chicago (312.695.8687).


You might want to consider getting an opinion from Dr.Hunt Batjer at Northwestern. He is an AVM specialist.


Dr. Hunt Batjer did my surgery.. He definitely knows what he's doing and yes, he is an AVM specialist.. in fact, he is internationally known for what he does. People from across he globe even fly in to Chicago just to get treatment/intervention from him... I am sure there are a lot of other good neurosurgeons out there - but I'd like to shout out my gratitude to Dr. Batjer - by writing some sort of testimony to let other people know that this doctor can be the one to help you too.. :) good luck..

My surgeon was Leslie Schaffer M.D. Mine was done at Christ Advocate in Oaklawn on an emergency basis.I can't say much for his bedside manner but I am alive.There may or may not be better doctors but I had no choice. I believe he works out of UIC also.