My first fundraiser is in 2 hrs im nervous everyone is excepting to see this really sick looking person and I look completely normal. But I did print pictures of my brain off so that does not look normal!!!

Anyway Fundraiser my church is throwing me a rummage sale today. We were setting up last night and we already made 178 dollars!!! thats nuts!!!

All proceeds are going to any treatment and expenses i have related to treatment, all leftover money will be donated to the AVM Fund!!! So im hoping we get a lot!!!

Any one in the area Lakeside Community Church!!! 14 and Jeffereson!!!

katie, god bless you and i hope you raise heaps of funds. goodluck xxx

Hi Katie hope the fundraiser went well let us know.

you will be amazed by people generosity…my surgery cost…$300, 000 my community, family and friends got toghter and did several fundraisers and raised a total of $75, 000 towards my operation i was still out of pocket alot but i still always think where would i be without the gererosity of people alot complete strangers its absolutley amazing…best of luck thinking of you xxx

Good luck, Katie! What a wonderful thing for your church to do!

Good luck with this. Use facebook. Use myspace. Collect online donations with Paypal or