Furry Four legged friends

This may seem odd but I was wondering how many people who have had a brain avm and brain surgery have a dog or cat? I am a great believer in animals as therapy.


Hi flower. I have two dogs and I have to agree with you that they are wonderful therapy. Granted they are both older (10+) but they are very loyal. Thanks for asking.

I have 4 cats and one dog and they always seem to comfort me throughout the bad times…

Think I have you all beat… 4 dogs 2 cats and 2 Parrots… yep lots of therapy here …

Yup you win… Anyone have more pets?

I have 3 cats and volunteer at a local animal shelter!

2 dogs, 2 cats, I fish, 1 degus and 29 chickens.

I have a great cat! she is my second one while diagnosed with my AVM. Yes they are very therapeutic!!! Whether we have an illness or not animals help to cheer us up when we have the blues, so imagine what they do for us when we are I’ll.

I have spinal avm and just got a chihuahua about a week ago, she is a sweet gal!

Hi flower,
We have 3 cats & I feel they have a sense or knowing when I especially need their ‘therapy!’ :slight_smile:
Of course they’re not spoiled in return! :wink:

I was just diagnosed with my cerebral AVM in April, Gamma Knife in June, and craniotomy for aneurysms (not the AVM) 3 weeks ago. I have 3 Akitas, and I don’t know what I’d do without my furbrats! I borrowwed an electric wheelchair (since I still tire easily) & spent Wednessday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday at the Reliant Center dog show with two of my dogs.

Their antics keep me entertained & they are always happy to see me–even if I just left for 5 minutes. There is nothing quite like a 100 lb. lap dog!

We have a neighbor who has stage 4 colon cancer, and my husband regularly takes our youngest & smallest Akita (65 pounds) over to visit. The neighbor is delighted to see Gwen, and Gwen if very gentle & doesn’t jump on her.

I’ve been wanting to get into therapy dog work for a few years, but haven’t had time to go through the certification process. Had thought about doing it this summer, but the whole AVM/aneurysm treatment thing got in the way. Maybe next summer.

I have two cats that I’ve had for about 15 years…3 years post avm brain surgery. They’re old, but it’s a win-win, I think.

Hi Flower, this is so true! during recovery I just wanted to get a dog and got a bichon frise, surely helped me along and cheered me up:)

I have a couple cats and they always bring me comfort. One’s only a few months old but the other is about 5. Had him for a few years. When I had the hemorrhage, I was suffering on the bathroom floor I guess you could say but my only cat then wouldn’t leave me alone. I believe he sensed something was wrong and he passed out with me.

I have 2 yellow labs JD, and Jersey and a cat Charm, and 6 fish. And my sister dog Butch who I visit often who the family joke is my nephew. Because she spoils him as if he was her child’ LOL !!!

Yes they are healers. Animals never leave. And only want love. Super jen

Hi Flower - I have two cats - I do not have them right now - I'm at my parents' place, and my dad's allergic; but I agree - even though they're older (13ish-years-old), they act very young and provide much therapy in more ways than one.

Hi Flower:
At the time of my surgery, I had 2 big boys, one of which always let me know when I was going to have a seizure by licking my temple. Ten years later I have another big boy and he lets me know when a seizure is coming by licking my left eye. They were/are very insistant about it also. They have been wonderful guys.

Hi again Flower - I thought that this post looked familiar =) I should've read first - oh well, estimates are rough.

Anyway, I sent this to a few people the other day...just a warning: someone said that it caused her to tear up...it's good nonetheless.

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I have three pups, a female corgi, a male corgi, and a female border collie. I also have my Peanut, a Red-Lored Amazon parrot. I agree that they all are wonderful therapy, as they are funny, loyal, and show un-conditional love for me.